The prosperous world is coming again! Well-known enterprises at home and abroad gathered in 2019ChinaJoy!

As one of the most famous and influential annual events in the global digital entertainment field, the 17th ChinaJoy in 2019 will be held in Shanghai from August 2nd to 5th, 2019 with the the new theme of “Digital New Entertainment Technology and New Life in the International Expo Center. This year, the ChinaJoyBTOC interactive entertainment exhibition area is a comprehensive digital entertainment theme display area which is open to the public, with an exhibition area of ​​130,000 square meters, bringing together more than a thousand top global game masterpieces, digital entertainment and smart entertainment software and hardware products. Nearly 300 digital entertainment companies from China and abroad will participate in the exhibition. More than 5,000 gaming experience machines and digital entertainment, smart entertainment software and hardware will launch the most powerful interactive entertainment experience storm in 2019. The total number of visitors to the exhibition for four days is expected to reach 350,000. It reflects that ChinaJoy’s platform has become the best stage for digital entertainment companies at home and abroad to show their image and strength.

Compared with previous years, this year’s ChinaJoyBTOC exhibitors have climbed the peak in quantity and popularity. Many well-known industry players, represented by Intel, Qualcomm, Blizzard, Nintendo, Warner, and Bandai Nanmeng, will make their debut at the ChinaJoyBTOC site. They will directly target Chinese players through technology and product display, making the majority of animation game enthusiasts. Through ChinaJoy, the world’s top game development achievements and the world’s latest game products will be shown and bring the new digital entertainment interactive experience to the players and consumers!

Intel once again in Chinajoy

Since the first package in 2017, this year Intel will be named the “Intel Theme Pavilion” for the third time as the official top partner, and once again domineering to take the widest 12,000 square meters of the entire venue. Here are the Core i7 and “The Strongest Surface” Core i9, which are “born for the game”; the highest-end game fighters built by OEMs; the most comprehensive cooperation of industrial partners such as Jingdong, Tmall, and Net Fish Internet Café; The hot-blooded IMC e-sports competition; and the most popular star team and anchors come to help out… This is a collection of many front-end cool venues in the industry, you can’t miss it!

This year, Intel will bring new high-performance PC products together with many OEMs in the pavilion, including HP’s “Shadow Elf” family of products, Lenovo Savior series, Razer Spirit Blade Angel series fighters and Tongfang new PC, and More than 100 sets equipped with the Core i7 and Core i9, and even the game console with the Core i9-9900K processor with the “strongest surface processor” for you to experience. The site will also showcase the technologically savvy Intel custom MOD models, and the cool, shaped body contains the powerful computing power of the Core processor. In addition to the new products jointly released with OEM partners, Intel will show more innovative cooperation with Internet cafes and e-commerce partners such as Net Fish Internet Cafe, Jingdong and Tmall. Net fish net coffee invited two champion teams of 4AM and IG to perform a wonderful exhibition game. On the “Net Fish Team Champion Wall” will also show LPL, PCL championship trophy and League of Legends All-Star trophy, the scene will also show “Croxin custom host.”

Tmall and JD will also release “Intel Tmall Super Brand Day” and “Jingdong Intel Super Brand Week” and other activities to bring more preferential efforts to e-sports game players. The third season Intel Master Challenge (IMC) Shanghai final will also be a hot battle at the Intel Pavilion. The contestants will be on the scene of star anchors wAwa, Ze Yuan, Miller, Yushuang and hundreds of thousands of viewers online and offline. In the testimony, in the “League of Legends” “DOTA 2” “CS: GO” and other competitions to compete for the valuable tickets to the Beijing finals. On August 3rd, the EDG team will also appear on the main stage of IMC, and compete with the water friends and grassroots teams. This will be a great opportunity for many e-sports fans to experience the e-sports battlefield in close proximity!

Qualcomm Xiaolong Theme Pavilion, open the mobile game feast in this summer!

As a leader in the mobile industry, Qualcomm is the first to name the venue with the Qualcomm Snapdragon brand; and will join hands with industry chain partners to bring a digital entertainment feast to gamers and consumers around the world. At 2019 ChinaJoy, the 12,000-square-meter Qualcomm Dragon Theme Pavilion will present the most cutting-edge innovations in the global mobile gaming arena. In 2018, Qualcomm Xiaolong, who participated in ChinaJoy for the first time, has shown a rich and innovative mobile gaming experience for the majority of players. This year, Qualcomm Snapdragon will join hands with mobile game industry partners including vivo, Black Shark, Nubian, Asus, Tencent Games, OnePlus, OPPO and Xiaomi. In 2019 ChinaJoy brings the coolest to global game enthusiasts. Hyun’s mobile game feast, with the terminal equipped with the latest mobile platform Snapdragon 855 Plus will also be unveiled. In addition, the new immersive mobile gaming experience will be presented at the Qualcomm Xiaolong Theme Pavilion. Whether it’s a smart phone with stunning shape and hard core technology, or an innovative XR terminal, the attractive Snapdragon, every mobile terminal in Qualcomm’s Dragon Theme Pavilion, every technical demonstration will be in Qualcomm Xiaolong’s leading technology blessing shows the ultimate experience of “fast”, “shun”, “long”, “cool” and “smart”. Welcome to the 2019 ChinaJoy Qualcomm Dragon Theme Pavilion, together with the majority of players, “choose dragons, win!”

Blizzard: high-energy, and  wonderful!

Blizzard game booth (N3-05) will bring the exclusive content pre-test, developer, luxury lineup guests, Cosplay contest and other exciting activities, definitely let you dizzy, all-round to meet the beloved Blizzard fans!

In the trial area of ​​the Blizzard game booth, you will be able to experience all kinds of exciting content in advance, such as using the new card battle of “The Hearthstone” Uldum, or in the “World of Warcraft” nostalgia in advance. Explore and play the fun RPG content of Warcraft III. If you are a player of Watchman, you can experience new content such as Map Workshop. “The Hearthstone” creative director Ben, “World of Warcraft” executive producer John, “Hearth Stone ” game designer Alec will also visit the site of ChinaJoy, talk with the audience about the behind-the-scenes story of the game, and will be together with the live players Participate in all stages! As an annual event, the star-studded guests of the luxury lineup will also have a zero-distance interaction with all Blizzard fans at the Blizzard game booth – if you are a fan of them, be sure to come to the Blizzard game booth for an idol!

In addition to the demo and many guests, you can feel the shock when you come to ChinaJoy: there will be Anduin, Jaina, Valila who are in the live TV series of Hearthstone, and the game characters such as Hunting The statue, as well as the undisclosed Lego statute of Overwatch!

With ChinaJoy approaching, the seventh season of the Blizzard COSPLAY contest also entered the finals stage. Through the jury selection and public voting, 8 individual groups and 4 group players will come to the CJ scene in Blizzard Games. What kind of performances will be offered to you by the fascinating personal group and the wonderful group? Who can top the championship, get a personal group of 10000RMB, group group 20000RMB cash reward? Come to the 2019ChinaJooy scene, or hold the live broadcast, so stay tuned!

Nintendo teamed up with Tencent to make its debut at ChinaJoy!

As one of the most watched exhibitors in the exhibitions, Tencent Games teamed up with Nintendo, the world’s leading entertainment company, to present this year’s ChinaJoy. This is also the first time that Nintendo’s Nintendo SwitchTM joints the event. The exhibition area is located in the Tencent game exhibition area of ​​Hall N4. At that time, Nintendo’s popular Mario, Pecco, and Zelda will gather at the show, and the highly acclaimed and favorite “Super Mario Odyssey” “Pokémon Let’s Go!” Pikachu” “Pokémon Dream Let’s Go! Ibrahimovic “The Legend of Zelda’s Wilderness” and “Malio Karting 8 Deluxe Edition” will provide live demos. You can also get the official ChinaJoy limited game postcards for the demo.

The four “Nintendo” games in the Nintendo SwitchTM exhibition area are from the three Nintendo classics of Mario, Pecco and Zelda. Since the birth of these series, it has begun to accompany the growth memories of generations of fans around the world; and is familiar in China. In order to convey the exclusive style of Nintendo SwitchTM, the exhibition area is divided into representative red and white two-color visual elements, and incorporates many classic Nintendo elements, and specially set up a photo area with the theme of four participating games for everyone. Take a photo and punch. In addition to providing a wonderful demo, Tencent and Nintendo also prepared a unique little gift: every time you experience a game, you can get a postcard for the game. This official perimeter is a limited edition specially made for this ChinaJoy. It is divided into four series and eight styles, which are uniquely commemorative. Mario, Pikachu and Ibrahimovic, which are played by real people, will also bring rich interactions on the spot.

Awesome! Warner Bros. “Batman” 80th Anniversary Celebration shines on the scene!

Warner Bros., part of Warner Media Group, is a global leader in the entertainment industry and an across from traditional to modern media platform. As a member of the Warner Media Group and the Warner Bros. family, DC has created the world’s most popular and iconic superheroes such as Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman. This year is the 80th anniversary of the birth of the famous “Dark Knight” Batman in DC Comics. As part of the Batman 80th Anniversary Global Fans Celebration, Warner Bros. will bring DC’s Batman to ChinaJoy for the first time; and host the grand Batman 80th Anniversary Celebration during the ChinaJoy, bringing audiences and fans to the site. We can enjoy a unique Batman show and pay tribute to this superhero.

Bandai Nanmeng Reloaded

Especially worthy of mentioned in this year’s ChinaJoy is that Bandai Nanmengiya Asia Co., Ltd. (※ BANDAI SPIRITS) will present the theme of Dragon Ball Dragon Ball World Tour, plus more new elements at the N4-02-2 booth. ! Dragon Ball World Tour – Adventure Tour – [China Station] will kick off at 2019 ChinaJoy in Shanghai from August 2nd to 5th, 2019! Stay tuned! At the N4-02-2 booth, not only the latest Dragon Ball theme model hand-made toy show, Dragon Ball game information, but also TAMASHII NATIONS – 2019 ChinaJoy venue limited edition sale! Take this opportunity to bring a wonderful journey of vision & experience to fans of Dragon Ball Dragon Ball!

With 17 years of brand influence, extensive cross-border cooperation functions, and strong media promotion advantages, 2019ChinaJoy will present a more exciting annual digital entertainment industry feast! August 2nd to 5th, 2019ChinaJoy!

Source: ChinaJoy

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