“The Predator” Made Cruise all over China, Learning Chinese Dialects from the South to the North

The Hollywood sci-fi action adventure “Iron Blood Warrior” directed by Shane Foss and “Iron Man 3” director Shane Black has officially announced the order on October 26. After a lapse of two months, fans finally ushered in a Hollywood action system, and fans have commented that “the continuous high-energy battle has made “Iron Blood Warrior” the most anticipated super-burning blockbuster in October.” In order to understand China more deeply, the “old iron” iron-blood warriors have recently personally visited China in the welcome of many fans, and learned the local customs to feel the customs.

The strongest hunter in the universe, China, first stood in the northeastern region. It only dared to challenge the winter in the northeast with a fishing net. The ice and snow were still screaming at the end of the scorpion. Imagine if you met with it in the Northeast, it said “You are awkward”, do you dare to reply? When the old iron of the universe went to Beijing, it was necessary to realize the wisdom of the ancients in the Great Wall. “There is no such thing as a great man in the Great Wall.” The cosmic heroes of the cosmic heroes in Beijing dialect lived and learned to use “Beierqiang, Beierer, and Bianniu X”. Under the night scene of “Magic” Shanghai, the neon lights behind the Oriental Pearl Tower are dazzling. In an international metropolis, it must be cool and unrestrained. The iron-blooded warrior is slightly sideways, his eyes are shining red, and the battle mode is “fierce and hot”.

The old iron of the universe also visited many famous scenic spots in China, went to Shaanxi, Nanjing, and humans to learn to expose the wrist knife to set a standard tourist posture; in the lower part of Hubei Yellow Crane, it showed muscles; in Guangdong The waist is abducted and the ambition is to “take the gun out of the gun, and you have to collect the skin”; swim to Sichuan and play with the national treasure, carrying the panda baby and saying “stubborn and fierce”, so staying cute is really not fierce!

“Iron Warrior” tells the sniper Quinn (Boyd Hobroke’s masterpiece “Wolverine 3”) in a mission with the alien blood warriors violent exchange of fire, lucky to escape after the alien advanced equipment will be picked up Send it home secretly. The son of Quinn (Jacob Tremblay’s masterpiece “Miracle Boy”) mistakenly thought that the equipment was a gift from his father, and he did not intend to touch the organ to be traced by the companion. In order to prevent aliens from killing the earth, Quinn led a group of soldiers to fight the home of the Earth together with the biologist (Olympia Mann’s “X-Men: Apocalypse”). However, the situation is far less simple than imagined. Not only does the ordinary version of the iron-and-blood warrior raging, but the film will also have the ultimate iron-blood warrior after the DNA upgrade. The more powerful enemy, the brutal strangle between the human squad and the predator, the ultimate iron and blood, will be released on October 26.

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