The International Animation Film Festival of Meknes (FICAM) in Morocco 2022

The Meknes® International Animation Film Festival is back this year and celebrates its 20th anniversary. This anniversary edition will mark 20 years of emotions, smiles and sharing.

In 2002, a daring bet with the brand Aïcha whose communication in cartoons made Meknes two decades later, the capital of animated cinema in Morocco and Africa. Since then, the Aïcha® Foundation has built the notoriety and professionalism of the festival with the French Institute of Meknes.

The development of this art does not stop at the event alone. Indeed, FICAM®, through its programming on the network of French Institutes, continues to promote it to its public throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. Public made up of families, children, students but also many professionals who do not miss this meeting.

For its 20th edition, FICAM pays a special tribute to Véronique Augereau and Philippe Peythieu, two undisputed masters of dubbing . An art rarely put forward although essential particularly for animated cinema. Between them, they left an indelible mark on spectators of all ages in French-speaking countries, including Morocco.

Véronique Augereau and Philippe Peythieu have lent their voices to several cult actors in American cinema and television, but are best known for dubbing Homer and Marge from  The Simpsons family , a veritable pop culture phenomenon on a global scale. .

The tribute paid by Meknes to these two great dubbers is an opportunity to celebrate their immense talent as actors, their humility without which they would never have so much shaped the delicate art of transmitting emotions by the sole vibration of their vocal cords. .

FICAM thus continues its series of tributes, through its various editions, to the personalities who have marked the history of international animation with an openness to all the professions that make up animated film.

This year’s FICAM hosted the first-ever Moroccan Animation Film Forum. Among other topics discussed at the forum, attendees will begin planning the establishment of a Moroccan animation film market.

Annecy and Haute-Savoie are hosting a series of animated cinema workshops.

Five days of workshops on pre-production for documentaries, screenwriting, and storyboarding.

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