The interactive tale Unmaze will be available on June 21st for Android and iOS

The interactive tale Unmaze will be available on June 21st for Android and iOS, already available for pre-order!

Halfway between video game and graphic novel, ARTE, Upian and Hiver prod revisit the myth of the minotaur

ARTE, publisher and co producer, with Upian and Hiver Prod are proud to announce that their new narrative game, Unmaze, will be released on June 21st for iOS and Android. The first chapter of Unmaze will be free to download and play, while the rest of the game will be available for 4,49€ / 3.99$ / 3.99£. The game can already be pre-ordered here for android and here for iOS.

Unmaze lets the player play as Ariadne, in her quest to guide Theseus and Asterion out of the labyrinth. Torn between the two characters, she sees them and speaks to them through a crystal, representing the player’s phone. It allows her to talk to the two young men but also to visualize the labyrinth, guide them and help them make choices.

By using the light sensor of the phone, the game adapts to the user’s environment: to talk with Theseus, the player places his device in the light, and to talk to Asterion he will have to go in the dark.

The player influences how the story unfolds through his decisions during the dialogues. The more Ariane helps one of the two characters, the more the other one gets lost. Symbolized by a moon-shaped gauge, time spent with each character impacts key events in the story and changes the outcome.

Each player’s action will have unpredictable consequences and influence the course of the game.

“The challenge is to balance your time between the characters”, says Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart, the game’s designer, “to prevent the most neglected one from turning into a monster.”

Spread over six chapters and freely adapted from Greek mythology, Unmaze is an immersive tale about the complexity of the human soul. Can the player save both Asterion and Theseus?

Unmaze is now available for pre-order for iOS and Android. The first chapter will be playable for free when the game is released on June 21st.


Start the story for free

  • A new kind of gameplay based on the light sensor of your phone
  • A contemporary adaptation of the myth of the Minotaur and the labyrinth
  • Actions that directly influence the course of the story
  • An immersive story full of twists with 8 alternative endings
  • A rich universe of 6 chapters and 10 labyrinths to explore
  • A dark and hypnotizing atmosphere

An interactive tale by Frédéric Jamain and Nicolas Pelloile-Oudart, written with Thomas Cadène, the author of the comics Été, Fluide, Alt-Life… and illustrated by Florent Fortin.

Produced by UPIAN, HIVER PROD, published and co-produced by ARTE, European TV and digital cultural channel. With the support of the CNC, MEDIA EUROPE CREATIVE, RÉGION ILE-DE-FRANCE, LA PROCIREP, la SACEM.

About ARTE   

Founded in 1992, ARTE is a European public cultural television channel and a digital network focusing on creation and innovation. Over the past ten years, ARTE has co-produced a number of interactive creations such as the games Type:Rider, Homo Machina, Vectronom, The Wanderer: Frankenstein’s Creature and Bury Me, My Love. More information on the official website and the Twitter page of Arte Interactif.

About Hiver prod

Founded by Nicolas Pelloille-Oudart and Frédéric Jamain, Hiver Prod develops and produces narrative video games and experiences for new media. In parallel, the company produces content for advertising agencies and web agencies, and offers its services in game design and narrative design for video games and virtual reality experiences.

About Upian

UPIAN is a creative studio specialized in web design and websites developmet for media and institutions (L’Equipe, Beaux Arts, Street Press, Usbek et Rica, Philharmonie de Paris…). Upian is also an interactive production company that has developed projects in the field of journalism, politics, documentary and fiction. Upian has notably produced Gaza-Sderot (2008), Prison Valley (2010), Alma (2012), Generation What (2016), Gagner sa vie (2018) but also FAQ, the weekly edition of ARTE on Snapchat. Most of the projects have been co-produced with Arte, France Télévisions and international digital broadcasters. Upian has produced mobile fiction experiences like Affaires sensibles (2015) or A l’ombre du mur (2016) and Unmaze is its first video game.



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