The First Slam Dunk, the resurgence of youth!

The line, “Coach, I want to play basketball” has touched who knows how many hot-blooded souls. “The First Slam Dunk” has arrived! The legendary anime IP movie “The First Slam Dunk” was officially released in China on April 20. All five stars in the Shohoku basketball team make their returns, has your youth returned with them too?

“Slam Dunk” is a shounen manga based on high school basketball, first serialized in 1990. The manga’s tankoban volumes were released in 17 countries and regions, and 101 TV animation episodes were broadcast, but the story discontinued at the national competition. Slam Dunk’s influence extends far beyond anime. Sakuragi Hanamichi’s protagonist aura and a famous scene in the original anime has turned a spot at Kamakurakōkō-Mae Station into a photo-taking hotspot for web celebrities in recent years, where 20 million fans visit every year. As a small town with a humble population of only 170 thousand, the massive influx of fans into Kamakura town is sufficient proof of Slam Dunk’s popularity.

According to Lighthouse Pro’s real-time data, as of 19:01 on April 18, the total pre-sale box office of the film “Slam Dunk” exceeded 80 million, with 1.95 million pre-sale visitors. As a phenomenal classic IP, “Slam Dunk” has achieved the top weekend movie box office for eight consecutive weeks after its release in Japan.

On April 15, the movie “The First Slam Dunk” held its China premiere at Peking University’s Qiu Debo Gymnasium. A 27-meter giant screen with exclusive support from CINITY was set up on site, enabling an immersive “game viewing” for an audience of 1,000 people. Before the official screening, the Courtman team and the Peking University basketball team put on a spectacular slam dunk show for the audience. The band “10-FEET” from Japan sang the end credits song of the movie version after the screening. After that, the voice actors of “Coach Anzai”, “Sakuragi Hanamichi” and “Rukawa Kaede” in the TV animation version of “Slam Dunk”, Sun Zhongtai, Yu Zhengsheng and Guan Zhihong, as well as the voice actors of the movie version of “Slam Dunk” met with the audience and told stories of their dubbing experience. Dapeng, Yi Xiaoxing, Yu Baimei and others shared their feelings and youthful memories of “Slam Dunk” at the premiere. Finally, the audience spontaneously sang the TV animation version of the ending song “To the end of the world”.

In addition, IMAX, together with Wanda Cinema and CGV Cinema, also launched 264 special viewing sessions in 100 cinemas nationwide, including “Youth Nostalgia Viewing Sessions” and “Fan Support Sessions”. The audience can receive gifts such as large “Slam Dunk” posters, souvenir ticket stubs, and exclusive support sticks.

After 27 years of waiting, the national tournament is finally here. Sakuragi Hanamichi, Rukawa Kaede, Mitsui Hisashi, Miyagi Ryota and Akagi Takenori are finally on the field again, ready to engage in an intense and passionate battle. On April 20th, let’s witness this fiery competition together!”

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