The Chinese animation Yeloli’s fairy dream

“Yeloli” is an original domestic 3D animated series, which tells the story of ordinary human children that acquired magical abilities after obtaining Yeloli dolls. The animation’s fabulous magical princess style strikes the hearts of all young girls.

As the hottest domestic IP targeted at a teenage female audience, a diverse string of products are derived from the Yeloli franchise. Domestically produced and sold, the Yeloli line of dolls are exquisitely made and designed to be played in various ways. Not only can they cultivate children’s aesthetic sense, but also improve their dexterity. Official Yeloli products cover over a hundred categories such as games, books, toys, stationery, household products, snacks, accessories and so on. The official Yeloli mobile game “Yeloli” has more than 2 million registered users and 30,000 daily active users; the authorized mobile game “Princess Yeloli’s Crystal Shoes” earned more than 1.5 million yuan in the first month. The company’s distribution channels have covered 3,000 offline retailers and 2,000 online e-commerce companies nationwide.





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