The Callipeg App Offers An Intuitive New Way To Do 2D Animation On An Ipad

The iPad and Apple Pencil brought the possibility to create animated films and tell stories from anywhere. With ​Callipeg, artists can now leave their desks and animate wherever they want and need with professional tools, using the iPad’s power to its full potential.

Callipeg is a 2d animation app for the iPad which offers professional animation tools adapted to iOS ergonomics and design. Everything is designed for the Apple Pencil and hand gestures, from the drawing tools to the timeline and flip.

The Callipeg team is made of four people: a developer, an animator, a head of sales, and a head of communication. The team decided to merge their love for animation and their knowledge of imagery software development to create Callipeg.

Artists from the industry are supporting the project as beta testers, giving advice on what to add to the app for it to be useful in terms of production standards. Here is some of the early feedback and praise for the software:

After a successful Kickstarter campaign at the beginning of 2020, Callipeg was released on the iPad App Store in 148 countries and regions a few weeks ago, and is used by more animators around the world every day.

The application currently supports four languages: English, French, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese.

Animation by Chiaki Kanno.

With a completely manageable timeline, users are free to draw, flip through their animation, copy and set the timing of their sheets with ease. The beauty of hand-drawn animation combines with the power of digital tools.

What’s next?

The team is constantly working on designing and implementing features. Importing videos and images sequences will soon be possible in a new update.

In the future, Callipeg will support the importing of sound files, so that animators can work on dialogue easily from their iPad.

More import and export possibilities are also coming, to help integrate Callipeg into existing pipelines. Users will be better able to animate on the go, export to their favorite compositing softwares, share files with their team, and build their production as they wish.

The Callipeg team is always open to new ideas and suggestions. Users are invited to send requests for new features via either the website​ contact form or the public Discord server. Also, the team’s progress and announcements can be followed on Callipeg’s ​Instagram, ​Twitter,​ and ​Facebook​.


Source :Cartoonbrew

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