2023 has been another stellar year for the PlayStation 5, delivering some truly fantastic games already with more on the way. We’ve seen the latest instalments in long-running series, alongside reboots and remakes that have brought the power of modern hardware to classic titles.

Let’s take a look at some of the best games to play on PS5 from 2023 so far:

Dead Space

Isaac Clarke in the Dead Space Remake

The year started off with a remake of the much-beloved horror classic in Dead Space, bringing us a reimagining of the sci-fi horror masterpiece a whopping 15 years after the original release. For those who never played the original, Dead Space sees you play as engineer Isaac Clarke who joins a team looking to find out what has caused the USG IShamura to stop responding to transmissions. Onboard, they discover that it has been infested with a parasitic species of creatures called Necromorphs, and must fight to survive.

This remake is an excellent example of a remake done right, presenting much-improved visuals harnessing the processing power of the PS5. At the same time, some gameplay changes smoothen out the rougher parts of the original, such as the zero gravity portions of the game. Having Isaac be voiced, in line with the 2nd and 3rd games, also helps us feel more involved with the tension and dread of the experience.

Overall, Dead Space feels like a fresh and refined way to experience the original story whilst providing some great quality-of-life tweaks to enhance the overall experience.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Cal Castis in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

The first Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was something of an unexpected but welcome surprise. Mixing the Star Wars universe with the Souls-like gameplay style, we got a visceral lightsaber combat game mixed with an enthralling emotional story. A massive success, fans eagerly awaited the release of the next game, which we were treated to this year.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor built upon the solid gameplay of its predecessor, adding more gameplay elements for players to master. Adding new stances into the game opens up a world of new combat options, while new force abilities will make you feel even more like a Jedi than before. For Star Wars fans, Survivor is another thrilling experience sure to leave fans wanting more.

Final Fantasy XVI

Final Fantasy XVI Gameplay

An incredibly enduring gaming franchise, Final Fantasy has enjoyed decades of success, being loved by players all over the world. Final Fantasy XVI is the first new instalment (that isn’t a remake) in the franchise in nearly a decade, letting a new generation of players experience the magic of the series.

Final Fantasy XVI has proven a hit with critics and players. Its technical achievement is immense, offering stunning visuals that make the most of the PS5. Praise has also been given to its soundtrack, combat system, story and characters making for a gripping all-round experience. If you’ve never played a Final Fantasy game and are looking to get into the series, Final Fantasy XVI is a great place to start.

Dead Island 2

Dead Island 2 Gameplay

The second horror game with “Dead” in the title to appear on this list, Dead Island 2 kept players waiting for its arrival, coming 12 years after the original game. Having spent years in development hell, it was a massive relief to all when the game launched to positive reception.

Ironically moving the action away from the fictional island of Banoi and into the quarantined city of L.A. Dead Island 2 is bigger and better than its predecessor. With six characters to choose from, each with their own skills, abilities and personality, there is a wealth of replayability here. Its deckbuilding skill system also adds an additional tactical layer, giving players a host of possibilities to try during their playthroughs. The result of all this? Non-stop zombie fun.

Street Fighter 6

Street Fighter 6 Characters

While fighting games have been historically hit or miss, there was a wealth of excitement around Street Fighter 6 before its launch. Bringing new characters to the series and looking to expand upon the game modes, Street Fighter 6 seemed like an ambitious fighting game. Thankfully, fans were not disappointed on launch.

Instantly, Street Fighter 6 has established itself as one of the best fighting games of a generation. Full to the brim with features, it has been praised for its variety of game modes, the smoothness of its online play and the sheer amount of freedom on offer. It has breathed more life into the fighting game genre, just in time for the release of Mortal Kombat 1 which is out now.

WWE 2K23

Logan Paul in WWE 2K23

Now for an entirely different kind of fighting game, WWE 2K23 is the latest in the line of wrestling simulation games that bring the biggest personalities of the sport and let players go wild with them.

WWE 2K23 offers the most game modes and variety that the series has ever had. Players can jump straight into a match with their mates or can play through the single-player Showcase mode focusing on the career highlights of John Cena. For many, WWE 2K23 is one of the highest points of the series, offering the greatest depth the series has seen so far.

Hogwarts Legacy

Dragons in Hogwarts Legacy

Fans had been clamouring for an immersive game to throw them into the Wizarding World, and finally this year they got exactly what they wanted. Hogwarts Legacy thrust players into the shoes of a student of the eponymous school, where they would discover an array of spells and an immense power with them. At the same time, a goblin uprising is in the works, threatening to throw the wizard world into disarray.

Hogwarts Legacy is without a doubt one of the best PS5 games. Having recreated Hogwarts School in amazing detail, there’s so much for fans to explore. Combined with fluid broom mechanics and an addictively fun wand combat system, players will get lost in this involving experience which is just about as close as you could come to actually experiencing Hogwarts.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4 Remake

If you’re a horror fan, 2023 has been very kind to you. Another pick for the best PS5 games of 2023 has to be the Resident Evil 4 Remake, the latest game in the thriving Resident Evil series. Having had success with remaking Resident Evil 2 and 3, players were delighted when one of the most beloved games in the franchise was announced as being remade.

And they weren’t to be disappointed! The Resident Evil 4 Remake captured the spirit and gameplay of the original game, but updated with amazing clear visuals, modernised controls and new gameplay elements such as crafting. The end result is a game that is just as intense and terrifying as the original, but with smoother and more fluid combat fitting of a new console generation. For many, this is the best way to experience Resident Evil 4.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

Armoured Core VI: Fires of Rubicon Gameplay

Moving away from zombies and horror and into a world of mechs, Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon is the first entry the series has seen in 10 years. In that time, FromSoftware, the publishers, have cemented their reputation with the Souls series and Elden Ring, fuelling even more hype and anticipation for this new Armored Core game.

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon proved to be what fans were hoping for, a high-octane yet layered mech combat game that provides non-stop thrills. With a truly amazing amount of customisation options available to players, there’s plenty of scope for multiple playthroughs and a variety of playstyles to keep the experience fresh time after time. It’s no surprise that the game has become the highest-rated in the franchise to date.




by Jimmy Bennett/Game of UK

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