The anti-cheating story of the mobile game “Battle Legion”

As multiplayer online games have attracted a large number of users on Android and iOS platforms, the publisher of “Big Bang Racing” and the studio from Finland, Traplight, has gained tens of millions of users, but has also suffered from cheating. The main cheating problems faced by Traplight include:

  • Tamper with the game client
  • Send game winning instructions to the server
  • Adjust the data of any unit to give cheating players an unfair advantage

How do they deal with these hacking issues and ensure the fairness of the new multiplayer online game “Battle Legion”?

After a comprehensive and in-depth investigation, Traplight needs an anti-cheating technology-it must be powerful enough to deal with the most difficult hackers, and lightweight enough to not affect the gaming experience. In addition, the technical solution does not affect the size of the game package, and it is convenient to provide version updates.

Denuvo’s mobile game protection solution has many advantages, making it the ultimate choice for Traplight’s anti-cheating solution.

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Source: Irdeto

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