The 5th Shenzhen International Toy Festival

The 5th Shenzhen International Toy Festival will be held from December 30, 2023, to January 1, 2024, in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center in Futian District. As the most influential toy event in South China, this edition of the Toy Festival is themed “Unbounded Toys, To CelebrateNew Year,” aiming to lead the way in fashion and new consumer trends, providing a unique trendy experience for young consumers in the Greater Bay Area.

This editionl has received guidance from the Futian District Investment Promotion and Enterprise Service Center. It is jointly organized by the Shenzhen Toy Industry Association, Shenzhen E-sports Industry Association, and Shenzhen Qianyu Exhibition Group. Additionally, authoritative organizations such as the Dafen Fine Art Industry Association and the Toy Alliance have provided strong support, working together to create this trendy extravaganza.

Unlike previous editions, this year’s Toy Festival has unique new features. The event aims to let more people experience the vibrant spirit of Shenzhen and the international trend of toy culture through the New Year International Toy Festival. We hope to witness the inheritance, innovation, and the radiance of a new civilization. It carries a profound cultural heritage while embodying the strength of the new generation, cultural confidence, and pursuit of civilization. It supports the high-quality development of new cultural and national trends. In today’s rapidly developing economy and technology, people’s spiritual needs are growing. Faced with a rapidly changing world, culture becomes more cherished. The STE Toy Festival is a harmonious blend of art and culture, as well as a symbiosis of tradition and innovation. It provides exhibitors with a unique platform for showcasing their products. With diverse art as a medium, guided by the mission of a new era and new culture, with toy culture as its foundation, the festival tells brand stories in a youthful, personalized, and trendy way, serving as a window to showcase and promote culture to the world.

The exhibition covers a total area of 15,000 square meters and brings together over 200 outstanding exhibitors and 150+ trendy artists. The showcased products are diverse, including contemporary art, trendy toys, collectibles, models, blind boxes, and various other trendy play products. Additionally, the exhibition features interactive areas such as a DIY zone for crafts, a graffiti zone, a photography checkpoint area, and more, allowing every participant to immerse themselves in the charm of the trend culture.

“Unbounded Toys,To Celectrate New Year.” Let’s step into new trends and embrace new fashion. For young people, the “trend sanctuary” for their holidays may not necessarily be a tourist attraction but likely an exhibition. It will be a special and artistic New Year experience. National trends in toys go beyond the mainstream, showcasing new dynamics in the toy industry. It is reported that the global toy industry is experiencing rapid growth, and the domestic toy market is expected to reach a scale of billions in the next three years.

Toy fads are no longer just toys but have become essential fashion items that showcase individuality and taste in this era. The core essence behind these trends lies in their “emotional value.” It is reported that the global market size for trendy toys is expected to reach nearly $40 billion in 2023 and $44.8 billion in 2024. In the domestic market, with the continuous popularity of trendy toys, it is estimated that the retail sales revenue will reach 110.1 billion yuan from 2022 to 2026.

The Shenzhen International Toy Festival is not only a platform to showcase trendy culture and exchange creative ideas, but also an important event that leads the way in new fashion consumption. The passion and pursuit of trendy culture among young people have become a fashionable attitude. They yearn to express their individuality and unique taste through participation in trendy activities. New trends, new cultures, new national trends, new styles, and new toys. At that time, people from all over the world will gather together, creating a bustling atmosphere. As a city of innovation, creativity, and design, Shenzhen has attracted countless cultural elements, providing a stage for the exchange of traditional Chinese culture and global diversity.

Through this grand event, the development of the trendy toy industry will be further propelled, igniting the passion and vitality of young consumers. Let us eagerly anticipate this feast of trends and embrace the fresh wave of the new year together!

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