The 3rd Dongbuzhou International Animation Week will Start

The 3rd Dongbuzhou International Animation Week and the 10th China Independent Animation Film Forum will be held from October 19 to October 23, 2021 in Linjiang New Area, Haimen, Jiangsu. Experts and scholars in the animation industry, industry elites, well-known directors and young creators will be invited to participate in the festival.

China Independent Animated Film Forum (CIAFF) is the first non-profit animated film art project planned by a non-governmental organization in Mainland China. It was first launched in 2011 by independent animation director PI SAN. It aims to encourage the spirit of artistic creation, gather and support high-quality Chinese original forces, and promote the creation and development level of Chinese animation. Since 2015, the forum has adopted the curator system, and the curator is responsible for the theme planning and activity arrangement of each forum. Since 2019, CIAFF has landed in Linjiang New Area and been held together with Dongbuzhou International Animation Week (TOPUIAW for short).

This theme activity is the “Intermediate Frame”, and it is the tenth activity. In the past ten years, the forum has always insisted on encouraging the spirit of artistic creation, supporting the high-quality original power of Chinese animation, so as to promote the creation and development of Chinese animation. Activities include Screening, Forum section and Competition section.

Each forum will invite the most connected and influential independent curators in the animation industry at home and abroad to plan special exhibition units for the forum, bringing the best original animation works in the world to Chinese audience. The presence of the invited parties also makes the forum a friendly window to show China’s original power to the world.

The deadline for registration of this competition unit is September 15th, and the awards include Jury Grand Prize, Special Jury Prize, Experimental Animation Prize, Jimin Prize, Student Work Grand Prize and Judge recommendation Award.Those who have won awards in other film festivals can still participate in the competition, but all the awards should be listed in the entry form.




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