The 3rd China Aerospace Dream Essay Competition

The award ceremony of the 3rd ‘China Aerospace Dream’ Dongguan-Hong Kong-Macao Essay Competition 2023 was held on December 30th at Sir Run Run Shaw Hall, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Over 700 participants including teenagers, school teachers, parents from Dongguan, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and other places gathered together to share their thoughts and dreams about aerospace!

 In order to promote the spirit of Chinese aerospace and popularize aerospace technology knowledge, deepen the understanding of young people about the technological development of China’s aerospace industry, and align with the goal of building a strong aerospace nation as outlined in the 20th National Congress report, the China Aerospace Dream Essay Competition is organized by the Wanqu Dongguan-Hong Kong Elite Gathering, co-organized by the Dongguan Cultural Center. Multiple educational groups, youth organizations, and science and technology innovation companies serve as supporting institutions. The competition aims to encourage and inspire young people in the Greater Bay Area to become dream pursuers in the development of aerospace and innovative technology, and strive to contribute to the national aerospace development.

The 3rd ‘China Aerospace Dream’ Dongguan-Hong Kong-Macao Essay Competition in 2023 has attracted enthusiastic participation from young people in the Greater Bay Area. The competition is divided into five categories: Primary School (Lower Grade), Primary School (Upper Grade), Junior High School, Senior High School, and Open Group. It received over 4,000 submissions, and after a rigorous selection and evaluation process, 120 winners were ultimately selected.

This event is guided by the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Education Bureau, and the Cha Shan Town Committee. It was attended by Li Cuiqing, the Executive Deputy Minister of the United Front Work Department of the Dongguan Municipal Party Committee, Wang Dongbo, the Deputy Secretary of the Cha Shan Town Committee, Ling Lee Kwok, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, Chen Huanlun, the Deputy Secretary-General of the Hong Kong Dongguan Community Association, as well as colleagues from the education field in Dongguan, Hong Kong, and Macao. Industry guests, including Professor Guo Rui from the China Aerospace Germplasm Resources Research Center, and Mr. Li Qinglong, a former national astronaut and coach, and the Director of the Space Research Center in Hefei High-tech Zone, also attended the event to empower the student winners on-site.

Ling Lee Kwok, a member of the Hong Kong Legislative Council, expressed that the rapid development of China’s aerospace technology should be widely publicized to the public. She suggested that the government could collaborate with local organizations and care teams to organize space-themed carnivals, exhibitions, and music performances to allow citizens to learn about the country’s aerospace technology development through participation in these activities. She believes that this event can promote the dissemination of aerospace spirit and culture, cultivate young people’s awareness of technological innovation, and enhance their sense of national identity and pride. It is a great patriotic education activity. In addition, the writing exchanges and learning among the young people from the three regions can gradually enhance their writing skills. Ling Lee Kwok also highlighted the significance of the event, as it allows young people and citizens in Hong Kong to learn about the achievements of the country’s aerospace development through different themes, cultivating a sense of pride in the national aerospace development and inspiring Chinese young people to become dream pursuers in the field of innovation and technology. She hopes that students will continue to strive and pursue their dreams in the field of aerospace development and innovative technology, contributing to the country’s aerospace development.

This event not only promotes the influence of the ‘China Aerospace Dream’ competition, but also provides a platform for communication and exchange among young people in the Greater Bay Area. As a supporting organization for this event,  Krystal Institute Limited hopes that everyone can comprehend the spirit of aerospace and scientific spirit, and contribute to the development of China’s aerospace industry. By uplifting the aerospace dream alongside the Chinese dream, we aim to garner wider attention and participation, cultivating more talent for the realization of aerospace dreams in the future. Additionally, we strive to stimulate the interest and enthusiasm of the younger generation in aerospace technology, collectively envisioning a bright future for our homeland





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