The 25th High-Tech Fair

The 25th China International High-Tech Fair (referred to as the “High-Tech Fair”) press conference was held at the Municipal Government Press Hall. With the theme of “Igniting Innovation and Enhancing Development Quality,” the 25th High-Tech Fair will be held concurrently at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian Exhibition Area) and Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an Exhibition Area) from November 15th to 19th, 2023. The exhibition will include comprehensive and professional exhibitions, conference and forums, as well as other activities. It is expected to have participation from over 100 countries and regions, with an estimated exhibition area of 500,000 square meters, making it the largest High-Tech Fair in history.

The High-Tech Fair, founded in 1999, is renowned as an important “barometer” for understanding new trends in high-tech industry development and connecting with market demands. Each year, it attracts numerous advanced technologies and innovative products to showcase.

The 25th High-Tech Fair will feature the launch of new technologies and products, business exchanges and competitions, participation from countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative, the promotion of intellectual property in Shenzhen’s scientific and technological innovation, as well as events such as the Xili Lake Forum and the Shenzhen Enterprise Development and Innovation Conference. The High-Tech Fair is not only a grand gathering for showcasing technological innovation but also an event that highlights economic and social development. Moreover, it serves as a platform for diverse cultural exchanges among countries worldwide.

In terms of business exchanges, the High-Tech Fair organizes participating companies to focus on the “20+8” industrial sectors, such as industrial automation and additive manufacturing. Specialized exhibitions will be set up to facilitate focused interactions and promote exchanges among companies. In terms of technology transfer and achievements trading, this year’s High-Tech Fair will establish a platform for technology transfer and invite institutions such as the Shenzhen Stock Exchange’s Technology Achievements and Intellectual Property Trading Center, the International Trading Center for Electronic Components and Integrated Circuits, and the Shenzhen Data Exchange to showcase their services. Over 50 key investment and financing institutions, venture capital firms, and technology transfer service organizations, including Shenzhen Capital Group, Gaoxin Technology Investment, and Qingcheng Capital, will participate in the event. The fair will also feature project pairing negotiations, project roadshows, and financing training activities.

Renowned high-tech companies, including Huawei, ZTE, DJI, BYD, and UBTECH, will showcase their latest technologies, achievements, and products during the High-Tech Fair. New energy vehicles and smart home appliances will be available for on-site ordering. The fair will also feature influential releases of new technologies, products, and achievements from key enterprises and institutions. Additionally, a selection of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises, hidden champions, Fortune Global 500 companies, major central enterprises, and “unicorn” companies will be invited to showcase their high-quality products and technologies, allowing visitors to experience new products and technologies that have not yet entered the market.

As a global high-tech event, the High-Tech Fair serves as an important platform for promoting international technology exchange and cooperation. Numerous companies and institutions from home and abroad take advantage of the fair to engage in collaborative exchanges. Established in Shenzhen twenty-four years ago, the High-Tech Fair emerged alongside the city’s visionary development path, its strategic transformation and upgrading of the industrial system, marking the continuous progress of Shenzhen as a city of miracles, innovation, and the future. It also bears witness to the achievements and trends of China’s high-tech development. In the new stage of development, Shenzhen is accelerating the construction of an industrial and technological innovation center with global significance. The current edition of the High-Tech Fair features cutting-edge technologies, high-end industry formats, and open-minded perspectives for transactions. It will continue to inject new connotations and new impetus into high-quality development, fostering a culture of constant iteration and innovation.

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