The 135th China Import and Export Fair

The 135th Canton Fair has 3,600 exhibitors of digital technology and intelligent manufacturing

As a comprehensive international trade fair with the longest history, the largest scale, the most exhibits and the best results in China, the 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held in Guangzhou from April 15 to May 5 this year, and the exhibition area, exhibitors and buyers will be further expanded compared to previous sessions.

The exhibition area of the Canton Fair reached 1.55 million square meters, and 28,600 enterprises participated in the export exhibition, including more than 4,300 new exhibitors. 680 enterprises participated in the import exhibition of the Canton Fair.

The 135th Canton Fair has five features.

First, it will be more innovative. Among the participating enterprises in this session of the Canton Fair, there are more than 5,500 national-level high-tech enterprises, individual champions in manufacturing, and specialized new small giant enterprises, an increase of 20% over the previous session. It is expected that there will be more than 1 million new products on display, more than 450,000 green products, and more than 250,000 independent intellectual property products, an increase over the previous session, and the R&D investment of more than 10,000 exhibitors will account for more than 10% of the total sales revenue.

The second is to become more digital and intelligent. It will further enrich the theme of digital technology and intelligent manufacturing, and there are nearly 3,600 exhibitors in this regard, and the products exhibited by these enterprises include more than 90,000 intelligent products such as brain-computer interface intelligent bionic hands, automatic navigation transportation equipment, and artificial intelligence translation machines. More than 50% of exhibitors are actively applying digital technologies such as artificial intelligence and big data analysis to transform production and operation. At the same time, the Canton Fair online platform will increase the use of digital technologies such as wired display, VR factory viewing, 3D photography and intelligent drainage. From November to today, the number of visitors to the Canton Fair’s online platform has increased by 137 percent year-on-year.

Third, pay more attention to quality and standards. The 28,600 Chinese enterprises participating in the Canton Fair are excellent representatives of China’s foreign trade enterprises. Among them, more than 6,700 foreign trade enterprises are involved in the development of international or domestic standards.

Fourth, we will better help stabilize the industrial chain and supply chain. In recent years, the proportion of intermediate goods and capital goods displayed at the Canton Fair has increased to 12%. In the machinery exhibition area where capital goods are concentrated, the booth size has increased by more than 50% in 5 years, and capital goods and intermediate goods are becoming more and more important in the Canton Fair.

Fifth, we will provide better services and expand exchanges. Since its inception, more than 9.3 million overseas merchants and 195 global partners have participated in the Canton Fair, vigorously promoting trade exchanges and friendly exchanges between China and other countries and regions in the world.

With the improvement of services, the number and quality of overseas buyers participating in the Canton Fair are expected to increase. As of March 31, the number of pre-registered overseas buyers has reached 93,000, and it is growing rapidly every day. From the current situation, electronic home appliances, lighting and electrical, industrial manufacturing, gifts and decorative categories, fashion categories of overseas buyers in the forefront of the number of participants. At the same time, overseas buyers from 215 countries and regions have pre-registered, the top countries include India, the United States, Nigeria, Malaysia, Indonesia, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and so on. In terms of countries and regions, the growth rate was 13.9 percent in the United States, 5.9 percent in OECD countries, 61.6 percent in Middle East countries, 69.5 percent in Belt and Road countries, and 13.8 percent in RCEP countries. Ninety-eight overseas delegations, including UNIDO, Sino-US General Chamber of Commerce, 48 Group Club, Canada-China Business Council, German Federal Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises, French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China, Confederation of Italian Enterprises, Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, China General Chamber of Commerce in Malaysia, and Victoria Construction Industry Association in Australia, attended the conference, an increase of 25.6% over the same period last year.

In terms of quality, the global retail top 250 and the big business in various countries and regions have increased significantly, the United States Walmart, Beto, Amazon, France Auchan, Carrefour, Schneider, Britain Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Kingfisher, Germany Metro, TEDI, Li De, Sweden Ikea, Japan Bird, Dachuang, Mexico Kopel and other 129 head enterprises confirmed the group to attend the meeting, An increase of 87% over the same period last year.

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