Terra Memoria: Release on March 27!  

Join Six Friends on a Quest Through a HD-2D World of Magic and Mystery!

This cute & cozy turn-based RPG adventure game is your perfect recipe for exploration, crafting, and friendship.

Amidst all the whispers and excitement during Steam Next Fest last month, Terra Memoria’s demo stirred up quite the commotion.


Cute, Cozy, and Chill: It embodies the holy trinity of the three C’s (yes, we just coined that term). But don’t be fooled by the vibe description—beneath its tranquil surface lies an adventurous journey filled with story-rich exploration, turn-based combat and intriguing puzzles! Engage in various delightful side quests including cooking and crafting; Terra Memoria truly offers something for everyone. The enchanting journey awaits on Steam, Switch, PlayStation5, and Xbox Series consoles.

Trailer is here:


A shortage of magic crystals and the sudden awakening of ancient robots pushes six new friends into a crazy investigation through Terra, a whimsical and cozy world combining 3D graphics and pixel art. Players control all party members, as each embarks on their own story and brings their unique skills to the table as they engage in Terra Memoria’s turn-based combat.


  • Go on a roadtrip
  • Explore the world of Terra
  • Craft, Build and repair
  • Discover the regional guide


Genre: Indie, RPG, Adventure, Casual

Platforms: PC, XBOX Series, PS5, Nintendo Switch

Developer:  La Moutarde

La Moutarde is an indie games studio based in France, making games for the community, with passion and love. Their first game, Old School Musical, was released in 2018 on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Publisher:  Dear Villagers

Based in the South of France, in sunny Montpellier, we are a boutique publishing label composed of a team of twenty people. Open-minded and versatile, Dear Villagers offers handcrafted marketing and production guidance. Our mission: We tell memorable stories through memorable games. We love pixels, but we believe in people.

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