Talk with the Chinese Creative Companies under Covid 19–WuXi Dimension Digital

Since 2005, with the development of the animation industry, Jiangsu has ushered in the best period of great development and prosperity with the concentration of industrial resources, the increase in the number of original animations, as well as the number of independent brands. It has been at the forefront of the country and formed a certain scale of animation industry integration. Today, we are talking with Mr. Qiu Miao, the founder of Wuxi Dimension Technology, an animation company based in Jiangsu, which is constantly pursuing progress in art and technology, about his experience in the industry and views on industrial development.


CGGE: Can you briefly introduce your company and its main business?

Mr. Qiu: Wuxi Dimension Digital is committed to the creative production business, including the full-process production of 2D and 3D animations and interactive multimedia projects as well.

CGGE: what’s your focus, on the original creation or service provider? How to balance the business if they conflict?

Mr. Qiu: before 2019, we focused on the service provider to both 2D and 3D projects, with a team of more than 100 people. Then we have gradually shifted our focus to the research and development of original projects.The structure of the team was definitely adjusted with more pre-production artis and R&D employees. During the early stage, the R&D department and production departments are relatively independent, so differs the pipeline. After the implementation of mid-and post-production, there is a team with the key artists to setup the production standards. And we will also find outside team to produce with in house team.

CGGE: How do you plan on the branding of products and services? Are there any plans and can you share them with our readers?

Mr. Qiu: Since its establishment in 2014, the company has been focusing on service provider with the customers from all over the world. Although there have been improvements in production capability , we are further away from our original concept: to develop the original creative projects. It helps little to the company brand without the original brand. Most of the people in this industry have the dream to do original projects at the very beginning, but the reality changed their minds. Once the name is shown in the credit of the movie would be very proud, it’s a kind of manifestation of self-worth, but now, you won’t feel so.

CGGE: You also have a lot of overseas partners. Then, during cooperation, what do you think is the biggest difference with domestic clients? What experiences that make up or complement some problems that may arise in the current production process?

Mr. Qiu: Domestic customers prefer the new version or new render machines. Foreign customers will prefer the more mature version. If the revision is not raised by us, such as the temporary modification to the pre-production, foreign customers will pay separately for it. The payment is punctual from the abroad clients.In other respects, there is no difference between the domestic and foreign customers .


The cost of communication with the overseas clients is higher. It would be helpful if the staff who can speak English or Japanese. Sometimes a translation mistake can lead to repeated revisions. The revision comments are quite objective, and also very polite, which keep the staff in a willing mind to accept them. And during the revision, the staff also learns new skill. Sometimes customers also provide solutions or write gadgets to help improve efficiency when we encounter difficulties. In the opposite case, the comments are vague and non-specific. The reason to amends them is to get approval as soon as possible. A bad project will lead to staff loss and company loss.

CGGE: As for the animation market in China, as a member in the animation industry, what is the biggest change you have seen in the industry? How does it affect your work?

Mr. Qiu: With the involvement of capital, it’s more and more difficult for medium-sized companies survival. The companies who are devoted to the original creation withdrew. In our industry, there is no chance for trial and error. Without the continuous capital investment in the later monetization stage, the box office has become the only source for revenue. This is also the reason why many projects immediately collapse as long as the box office was not good. In addition to a few companies and platform vendors with very high-quality IP, many of our customers have also started outsourcing or exiting the industry. The number of film projects has decreased, and the TV series have become more.


CGGE: At present, due to the epidemic of new coronavirus pneumonia, China is in a very difficult period, and many enterprises cannot start or operate normally. So, what measures have you taken to keep the company’s operations unaffected? Do you have any new plans after the epidemic?

Mr. Qiu: During the epidemic, the company’s employees were produced remotely at home, and to control the progress with some shared office software. There is some impact, especially now that epidemics have overwhelming worldwide. Our working progress is affected. Now the company is not as big as before, we were left little choices. Now we will contact the customers who are not in our industry to survive the team. I wish the virus to disperse as soon as possible and everyone will be safe.


Indeed, with the current pandemic virus pandemic, many companies choose to work remotely. No matter in China or elsewhere, we are trying everything to maintain the progress of the project, to ensure not to lose the staff, and that the project can be successfully completed. It is hoped that the epidemic will ease as soon as possible and that all companies can survive and maintain the momentum of continuous development.



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