Nordic Game welcomes Swedish game celebrity Paula Manrique as program host for our 20-year jubilee, NG24 Spring on 21-24 May in Malmö, Sweden. Paula will guide the live audience through this May’s extensive speaker program, both on stage from the Slagthuset theatre as well as online.

Paula Manrique to host NG24 Spring

Nordic Game: Hello Paula, please tell us a little about yourself.

Paula Manrique: I am a multitasking kind of person, always managing several projects simultaneously while also navigating a household full of kids and trying to balance day-to-day life. I developed a love for gaming later in life as an adult, so I lack the nostalgic gaming memories that many others in the industry have from childhood. Perhaps it’s this perspective that has contributed to my success in my role as a bridge between mainstream audiences and gamers.

Nordic Game: Many Swedish people know you as the gaming expert on the news program Nyhetsmorgon from TV4. Please tell us the story; how and when did that happen?

Paula Manrique: I began playing games at the age of 31, precisely eleven years ago. After just a week of gaming, I started a blog to share my thoughts and experiences as a novice player. Unfortunately, I faced a lot of toxic feedback from fellow male gamers who accused me of seeking attention through my blogging efforts. The situation became quite unpleasant at times. However, I decided to persevere and transitioned into writing about games to assert my presence in the gaming community. This eventually led to a job at a larger blog with a salary, providing me with opportunities to travel worldwide for developer interviews and early game access prior to launch. Subsequently, I reached out to TV4 to propose becoming their gaming expert. They accepted my offer, and I’ve been with them for nine years now.

Nordic Game: You are also a certified ambassador at Women in Games – what’s the main job in being that?

Paula Manrique: While networking within the game industry, I connected with many women who expressed feelings of isolation in their workplaces. In response, I initiated small gatherings to foster connections and provide support for those with similar experiences. Over time, these gatherings grew in size, prompting me to seek a deeper understanding of women’s situations within game studios. This led me to discover the Women in Games organization, where I eagerly participated in workshops and conferences. Inspired by the advice and insights shared by fellow women in the industry, I applied to become an ambassador. Through this role, I gained valuable knowledge and motivation to effect change in the only way I knew how — by bringing women together. From these gatherings, the magic of collaboration naturally unfolds. I take pride in my ability to instigate positive change, not only for the present but also for generations to come.

Nordic Game: What can the audience at NG24 Spring expect from you as their host?

Paula Manrique: I have ADHD, so one can expect a nerdy individual with abundant energy who doesn’t take herself too seriously. I enjoy going with the flow and tackling challenging tasks that add excitement to my life. Anticipate a bit of controlled chaos when I’m on stage.

Nordic Game: What are you looking forward to the most hosting NG24 Spring?

Paula Manrique: To meet new people and to learn more about how to make games.

Nordic Game: Anything you’d like to add?

Paula Manrique: This is going to be EPIC!

Welcome to Nordic Game’s 20-year jubilee this May!

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