Strategy/ Citybuilding releasing 2024.

Citadelum trailer. Strategy/ Citybuilding set in Ancient Rome, releasing 2024.

Abylight Studios proudly presents Citadelum, an ambitious Strategy/ City building game set in Ancient Rome, with a mythical twist.

Enjoy Citadelum first gameplay trailer, in which you may discover the main pillars in the game: city building and managing, strategy and a third layer, focused on the gods of roman pantheon. The game is set to release in 2024.

Wait, there is more. With our new trailer we have also revealed some new game features, such as gathering and refinement mechanics, auto-battle system,  and the interactions with and between gods.

  • Build your own settlement, gather and refine resources, and grow and evolve until it becomes a magnificent city. Live through a polished city building core gameplay in the personal Abylight’s style. Welcome citizens to your village as artisans, farmers, carpenters… or train them to join your legions. Build towers and walls, to protect your city from barbarian hordes.
  • Expand. Explore the map, free villages under siege and experience the power of the most advanced armies of the era: the Roman Legion. Once the territory is secured, you can set trade routes, import rare materials and scale up your economy. Be wise in your strategic decisions exploring and trading, fight epic battles and go down a deep progression system. Enjoy a new auto battle system, in which deployment of troops and formations will have great impact.
  • Honour the gods. Build temples, make offerings so they will award you gifts, but, alas, their jealousy comes with a swift punishment. Interaction with gods will allow a non linear, replayable narrative, full of mythical encounters. Feast your eyes when they crush your enemies or tremble while they attack your settlement.

Citadelum will be released in 2024 for PC. WISHLIST NOW ON STEAM.

About Abylight Barcelona

Abylight Barcelona is the development studio behind One Military Camp and Citadelum. A group of talented professionals, artists and above all game lovers, ranging from veterans of the 8-Bit era to promising youngsters. We make indie games with attention to detail, focus on technical achievements, deep gameplay and fun.

About Abylight Studios

Abylight Studios is the indie publisher that brought you titles like Cursed Castilla (Metacritic: 81), Super Hydorah (Metacritic: 82) or the award winning Hyper Light Drifter: Special Edition for Switch and iOS – Game of the Year on iPad 2019. You can find our games digitally or even as physical collector’s editions at our AbyShop.

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