Spooks Are Taking Over Borderlands 3 with Bloody Harvest Event Next Month

In a recent episode of The Borderlands Show, Gearbox officially revealed details about the upcoming free update Bloody Harvest for Borderlands 3. Bloody Harvest is going live in Borderlands 3 and will bring with it all sorts of spooks and horrors and arrives just in time for Halloween.

During the show, Borderlands 3 Creative Director Paul Sage detailed during the Bloody Harvest event, any Vault Hunters who leave Pandora for the first time and go explore the far reaches of the space on Sanctuary III, they will start encountering Haunted enemies around the galaxy. These Haunted enemies will allow players to get access to a special event-specific map.

Once these Haunted enemies are killed, the ghost rise from their bodies and they will do everything to scare you to death. If you touch these ghosts, you will be under the influence of the Terror buff which will shroud your vision and weaken your abilities such as gun handling, accuracy, and spread controls. A brand new resource Hecktoplasm can be earned during the event which can be turned in to Maurice which is a new partner and resides in Sanctuary III.

After getting entry into the Bloody Harvest map, players will truly get to experience the horrors of the event. Skies of this map are littered with Rakk-O’-Lanterns which breath fire. A ghastly graveyard which is infested with Maliwan goons is also present on this map which has a burial plot reserved for the players. Apart from it, the map also features a Ratch-infested pit where rivers of blood flow.

After completing these areas, players will be able to face the Baron of Bloody Harvest which is the final boss of the event. Players who have already played and ended the main story of Borderlands 3 will recognize Captain Haunt as Captain Taunt. This time around, he is packing some spooky new powers. The event will also bring some exclusive new costumes for the players all based around Halloween.

These costumes and cosmetic rewards will add more to the game as players will be able to add an ECHO Device Skin, a Weapon Trinket, a skin for all four Vault Hunters and a Global Weapon Skin to their collection. The event will also bring some new Legendary Loot to farm which includes two guns and a shield that is focused around the new Terror mechanic. A new grenade mod is also part of the update. All Haunted enemies will also drop Anointed loot drops which will have a chance of Terror-based modifiers.


By: Umair Khalid

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