Soulmask Celebrates 200,000 Sales Milestone in Early Access

Currently sits at 80% positive on Steam

Soulmask, the latest survival-crafting game by Qooland and Campfire Studios, has reached 200k sales on Steam, and currently sits at an 80% positive review score.

On top of hitting such a significant milestone post release, the team are super happy to see how positively the community is engaging with the game, with the game currently sitting at 80% positive on Steam. Launching into Early Access with over 400,000 wishlists, this means that 50% of launch wishlists have now converted into sales.

Watch the launch trailer here:

Building upon the rich experience provided during the open beta, Soulmask’s Early Access release features an extensive array of new content and improvements:

  • A Staggering 500 Hours of Gameplay: Dive deep into the world of Soulmask with an expansive playtime that promises endless exploration and adventure.
  • Ten Signature Masks: Discover the unique powers of each mask, adding layers of strategy and customization to your survival tactics.
  • Seven Vast Regions: Explore a colossal 64 square kilometer area encompassing seven distinct biomes, including Rainforest, Hill, Wetland, Plateau, Wasteland, Volcano, and Snow Mountain.
  • Six Fearsome Bosses: Challenge six formidable bosses, including five powerful pyramid bosses and one mysterious sci-fi-inspired boss.
  • Eight Distinct Weapon Classes: Master 75 unique battle skills across a variety of weapons such as spears, bows, hammers, blades, shields, gauntlets, great swords, and dual-blades.
  • Five Special Mounts to Tame: Enhance your journey by taming and riding these unique creatures.
  • Nearly 400 Ancient Relics: Uncover hidden secrets and artifacts to enrich your adventure.
  • Dynamic Tribesmen: Engage with tribesmen who possess nearly 300 unique talents, playing a critical role in the game’s dynamic ecosystem.
  • 300 Construction Components: Build and customize a cozy home with a wide array of construction elements.
  • New Private Server Mode: Enjoy a more personalized gaming experience with over 100 customization functions available in stand-alone and online modes.
  • Enhanced Character Action and Sound Effects: Experience smoother character actions and more immersive sound effects, adding depth to your gameplay.


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