Songs of Silence – A new era for Chimera Entertainment

In August, at Gamescom in Cologne, we showed off a very exciting new game to press for the very first time. It’s safe to say that we are pretty pleased with the results.

“Songs of Silence is repainting the RTS genre in gorgeous technicolor. Songs of Silence is a beautiful RTS. You can forget the staid, drab medieval fantasy of many other real-time strategies, and revel instead in the excesses and bold brushstrokes that the team at Chimera Entertainment have crafted.” — Dominic L, The Sixth Axis

We’ve also been picked up organically by SplatterCat, a YouTube legend! You can watch his incredible 30 minute playthrough below.

This gorgeous PC and console title is due in 2024, and featured in Steam Next Fest, running from October 9th-16th, where a public demo was available.

This is the kind of feedback which makes all of the hard work worthwhile. Songs of Silence is an incredibly important game for everyone here at rcp and the whole team at Chimera – not just because we think it might just be the best thing we’ve ever made, but because it represents a chance to return to Chimera’s roots in PC strategy development after a long, successful decade in mobile gaming.

Mobile F2P is still very much a part of Chimera’s future, but the conditions in the space are difficult. The Chimera team has just finished an ambitious, high-quality X-Com title which performed well in soft launch, but the publisher made the decision to shift development to a different region.

Losing a project of this size is always challenging, but challenges present opportunity, and Songs of Silence is full of promise.

This is a game which stuns from the very first second. Gorgeous visuals draw the player in immediately as the first bars of Hitoshi Sakimoto’s incredible soundtrack gently close the door behind them.

The land of the 1000 Kingdoms is laid out before us – a patchwork of fragile alliances, conflict and betrayal. Young Queen Lorelai leads a bedraggled force of refugees, searching for a place to call home…

We’re intensely proud of everything the Songs of Silence team at Chimera has done in creating such a beautiful, captivating game. Don’t sleep on this one.

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