Be the playmaker of your ice hockey dreams in Slapshot: Rebound.

From Oddshot Games, Slapshot: Rebound will launch into 1.0 Full Release on Steam, April 11th, 2024. After initially releasing as early access in late 2020, this update unveils Season 1 with the new virtual hangout spot, The Pond, a new ranked season, and a matching season pass.

This physics-based 3v3 arcade hockey game leaves no room for excuses as players are in complete control of their avatars. Slappers can finesse their way around Slapshot: Rebound’s virtual rinks with a mouse and keyboard, or the controller of their choice.

5 Years of Slapshot

Starting with the beloved hockey game Slapshot in 2019, Oddshot Games has received incredible support from the community with their 2020 follow-up in the franchise, Slapshot: Rebound. Three years later, Slapshot: Rebound has seen over 1.5 million downloads and the creation of three community-run regional esports leagues since launching in early access. Today marks the franchise’s 5th anniversary, and players can redeem code ‘FIVEYEARS’ from now until March 22nd, 2024 to receive a poker chip back cosmetic – a nod to the alpha of Slapshot where the in-game characters were poker chips.

Hang Out at The Pond

This full release will introduce to players The Pond, a free play open lobby game mode that anyone can join to mingle with others and participate in casually. Previously only accessible through custom lobbies and bot matches, slappers can now drop into a session while they queue for a match or load directly into The Pond to pass the time with the community and friends. Beyond the standard ice hockey experience, an air hockey rink, two target practice areas, and a sumo minigame will be available.

Season 1 Begins

In addition to The Pond, version 1.0 will mark the end of the in-game Pre-Season and the start of Season 1. Revealing a new locker room to go with the new season, players can look forward to new ranked rewards, an update to matchmaking, and a soft reset in skill rating in the new Ranked season. The Season 1 Pass will also debut with over 50 new cosmetic items including hats, jerseys, sticks, and more. Alongside the free track, a premium track will be unlockable using the in-game currency, pux, at an equivalent of $9.99. Pux can be obtained through leveling up, reaching season pass benchmarks, or purchased directly. Season passes will never expire, and players can always return to advance along the free portion of a pass they previously missed out on or upgrade it to premium.

Current In-Game Features:

  • Climb the ranks with Quick Play – Pit yourself against other slappers in your region.
  • Hone your skills in Practice mode – Execute timed and open drills to improve movement and shooting accuracy in goalie practice and one-timer shooting, or test your progress in a scrimmage against bots.
  • Let loose with custom lobbies – Play a pick-up game with friends or explore game modes like dodgepuck and freeze tag, while manipulating settings like gravity and speed for a unique experience.
  • Check out your player profile – Review your season match history and get the numbers on your career stats like win rate, shot %, and goals.
  • Customize your Slapatar – Tailor your fit and show off that silky flow on the ice.
  • Start working on the Pre-Season pass – 12 free rewards and 50 premium rewards including the cost of the premium pass back in pux.
  • Slapshot: Rebound is free to play and available for download on Steam. You can also follow the game on Discord and X, and keep up to date with the developers, Oddshot Games, on their X and website.

About Oddshot Games

Oddshot Games is an indie game development and publishing studio founded in 2020. Headquartered in Belgium, they have expanded their team worldwide and focus on community-driven games that encourage cooperation, competition, and communication. Learn more about them and their work at

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