Skaramazuzu Quickly Left Its Mark on Steam!

Skaramazuzu’s journey has been nothing short of thrilling! From the very first moments of its release, players have welcomed the game with open arms! This unique 2D slow-paced, story-driven adventure has been available on Steam, inviting them to explore its captivating, hand-drawn, black and white world.

A Mysterious Quest in the Shadows

In the mysterious landscape of Skaramazuzu, players find themselves caught between the shadows of life and death. The joyful and innocent protagonist, Zuzu, with no memory of their past, starts their mission to discover the meaning of their existence.

Through this bizarre and whimsical journey, players solve puzzles, meet strange characters and dive deep into an adventure of self-discovery and intrigue.

Classic Adventure and Modern Storytelling

Skaramazuzu offers an immersive gameplay experience, combining classic story-driven adventure with a fresh approach. Players can explore over 20 interconnected locations of this strange and dark world, each filled with unique backgrounds, soundscapes and a collection of over 20 quirky characters, both creepy and cute, brought to life with traditional 2D frame-by-frame animation.

The game includes easy-to-use controls, full keyboard and controller support and unique sound effects for every interactive element, ensuring a captivating gaming experience for everyone!

Available with 15% Discount on Steam

Don’t miss the chance to step into this moody, mysterious landscape and uncover the secrets that are hidden within!

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