Close your eyes and feed your head as you embark on this year’s most marvelous voyage through the extravagant world of Sirocco, the latest creation from Long Way North and Marona’s Fantastic Tale producer and penned by veteran screenwriter Alain Gagnol (A Cat In Paris, Phantom Boy). Building bridges between the poetry essence and spirit of Studio Ghibli’s masterpieces and the psychedelic-dazzling visuals of The Beatles’s Yellow Submarine, this epic, dreamlike adventure will surely get the whole family transported for an unforgettable journey! It’s A NEW MASTERPIECE OF FRENCH 2D ANIMATION

Synopsis Two intrepid sisters, Juliette (4) and Carmen (8), discover a passage to the extraordinary world of their favorite book, the Kingdom of the Air Streams. Transformed into cats and separated from each other, the girls will have to be bold and daring to find their way back to each other and, with the help of the singer Selma, try to get back to the real world by confronting Sirocco, the master of winds and storms… But is he as terrifying as the book suggests?

SIROCCO was screening in Annecy and it was by BENOIT CHIEUX and productioec BY RON DYENS (SACREBLEU)

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