SIGGRAPH 2023:AI-Powered Innovation

AI-Powered Innovation: VAST’s Vision for Democratizing 3D Content Creation Takes Center Stage as the first Chinese keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH 2023

At the SIGGRAPH 2023 conference, Yachen Song, founder of startup VAST, presented his vision for using artificial intelligence to transform 3D content creation. VAST joined industry leaders like Nvidia and Unity on stage at the 50th anniversary of SIGGRAPH, a respected venue highlighting innovation in computer graphics and interactive techniques that bring together leading creators across visual effects, animation, gaming, and emerging technologies.

As the first Chinese entrepreneur to speak as a keynote speaker at SIGGRAPH, Song’s speech marked a milestone. With details still scarce, he provided a glimpse into the company’s goals to make 3D content generation more accessible.

VAST is developing an AI system aimed at reducing the expertise and costs often required to produce high-quality 3D assets and environments. Current 3D content creation processes demand substantial effort and expertise, which often restricts production from non-professional users and their widespread usage. VAST aims to democratize immersive 3D creation, enabling anyone to turn 3D concepts into reality.

VAST introduced its technique during his SIGGRAPH presentation, which delivers better visual quality and lower cost with a quick generation time, solving issues like the Janus problem, and inconsistency between texture and geometry.

Additionally, VAST is building an interactive 3D content platform designed for sharing creations, discovering work, and accessing tailored 3D assets. It aims to serve as a hub for 3D enthusiasts spanning professionals to hobbyists.

VAST’s aspirations include fostering a widely inclusive 3D content ecosystem. Song drew parallels to how short video has opened up content production to the masses. “3D worlds represent the next frontier, unlocking a new dimension of immersive expression,” said Song during his keynote. “We believe AI can empower anyone to craft stunning 3D environments limited only by imagination.”



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