Shenzhen International Licensing & Licensed Product Fair 2023

After entering 2023, the domestic IP authorization market is gradually recovering, and IP enterprises are looking forward to meeting with authorized companies to seek new development! Shenzhen International Authorization Exhibition (Licensing China), the leading IP authorization business platform in South China that has risen rapidly in the past three years, will be held in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center from April 7 to 9. Where pragmatism is highly valued, this major event of the authorization industry is bound to make a lasting impact on the industry. At the same time, the prestigious Shenzhen Toy Exhibition (formerly Guangzhou Toy Exhibition) and Shenzhen Baby Car and Baby Products Exhibition will also be held.
This exhibition continues the rising trend of exhibitions choosing to take place in Shenzhen in the past three years. These include a large number of high-quality IPs from various industries, including animation, museums, military enterprise brands, documentary and film, popular toys and authorized derivatives, etc. Today we would like to give you a sneak peek of some of the participating IPs.

China Aerospace Science and Technology International Exchange Center, affiliated to China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Limited, was established in July 1988. In July 2016, four directly affiliated units, namely China Aerospace Publishing Corporation, China Aerospace News Agency, Chinese Aerospace Society and Aerospace Talent Development and Exchange Center, were reorganized and integrated, becoming the new International Exchange Center of China Aerospace Science and Technology.

The cultural and creative brand of “SPACE” operated by the center is the only cultural brand included in the “14th Five-year Plan” space technology application and service industry plan of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation Co., LTD. After several years of accumulated experience, SPACE has exported more than 150 varieties of independently-developed cultural and creative products every year, and the brand has been listed in the “Top 100 Chinese Cultural Innovation Brands of 2020” list. In the past two years, it has reached cross-border cooperation with more than 30 brands such as Yili, Pathfinder, vivo, Jingdong, Meituan, Tencent and so on, bringing the concept of “using aerospace science and technology to create a better life” to thousands of households.

MODOLI is a group of lovely ID images inspired by syllables made by BBKK’s daughter while learning to speak. At first they were just elves made to accompany his daughter, but as more and more people liked MODOLI, BBKK decided to share them with all those who yearn for wholesomeness in their lives.

More excellent IPs will be shown at the Shenzhen International Authorization Exhibition on April 7-9. During the exhibition, the organizer will also hold the 2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Brand Authorization Industry Development Forum and other related activities, inviting guests from the licensing, toys, fashion and FMCG industries to discuss new opportunities for IP licensing in the post-epidemic era.

2023 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Brand Licensing Industry Development Forum

Time: 13:00-16:00

Location: 14AB, floor 2

Target groups: animation enterprises, licensees, toy enterprises, baby products enterprises, educational products enterprises, etc

Disclosing secrets to successful cross-border traffic —— 2023 TikTok Overseas Live Ecological Exchange Conference (Toys)

Date: April 7th.13:30 – 16:30

Location: 13B Conference Hall, floor 2

Target groups: toy enterprises, baby products enterprises, cross-border e-commerce enterprises, etc

The 2023 STEAM Innovation and Development Forum for Chinese Children

Time: April 7th, 13:30,16:30

Location: 13A Conference Hall, Floor 2

Target groups: toy enterprises, educational products enterprises, education and early education channel buyers, etc

Perceive the metaverse, enable new consumption —— “2023 metaverse empowering new consumption in digital culture summit forum”

Time: April 8th, 14:30,17:30

Location: 14AB, floor 2

Target groups: authorized enterprises, animation enterprises, IP operators, toy enterprises, baby products enterprises

“Popular toys community lounge”

Time: 14:00,16:00

Location: 15D conference hall, 2nd floor

Target groups: authorized enterprises, animation enterprises, IP operators, toy enterprises

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