SelectaPlay Announces New Accessibility Features for Dark Atlas: Infernum

SelectaPlay Announces New Accessibility Features for Dark Atlas: Infernum

Publisher SelectaPlay has released information on planned new accessibility features being included in the upcoming first-person horror survival game Dark Atlas: Infernum. Developed Night Council Studio. SelectaPlay will be responsible for the global publishing of Dark Atlas: Infernum for Xbox and PlayStation consoles as well as PC via Steam in 2024.

In order to ensure that Dark Atlas: Infernum is available to a wide audience of gamers, the developers are working to implement additional accessibility features to aid player’s gameplay experience.

The accessibility features include:

  • Guided movement system (when a destination is selected from a menu, and the character moves automatically).
  • Audio description (auditory description via a bot that describes the game scene).
  • Audio descriptions – sound subtitles.
  • Subtitles, Colorblind filters and Stereo/mono system.

Watch the previously released announcement trailer here:

About Dark Atlas: Infernum.

You are Natalia Asensio, former Grand Master of the oldest occult order in the West: the Night Council. And while everything burns and the sky cracks, you must descend into the abysses of your mind, walk the paths of hell and seek answers to all questions. Unlock your memories, resist the influence of the enigmatic character known as “The Word” and find your way out of the maze in which you find yourself locked up. Do it before those whose ambition is to control this new apocalyptic world get it.. Do it before they discover a way to reforge the Corona Radiata, the grimoire that will give them ultimate power. And above all, do it before… you are the one to tell them how.

Main features:

  • Single-player, first-person survival horror with a dark, disturbing narrative.
  • Gameplay is steeped in psychological horror, stealth, and puzzles.
  • Strong narrative content: an original story from the Saga Radiata, the literary universe created by Álvaro Aparicio that includes books, podcasts and other narrative formats, and in which the meta-anthology of horror Dark Atlas is integrated.
  • The cast of voices in Spanish is led by Alberto “Láudano” Martínez, voice of the popular Spanish podcast Noviembre Nocturno.
  • A haunting original soundtrack composed to accompany the dark narrative.
  • Includes original collectables and Steam Achievements, so you’ll want to explore every corner…if you dare.

Dark Atlas: Infernum will be released on PC via Steam, PlayStation and Xbox consoles in 2024. Wishlist the game on Steam and PlayStation now.

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About Night Council

Night Council Studio is an independent videogame developing company based in Spain. Dark Atlas: Infernum —succesfully crowdfunded on Kickstarter, nominated in the category of Best Narrative, Best Soundtrack and Game of the Year of the VII edition of the PlayStation Awards, selected by the Comunidad de Madrid (Spain) with an economic grant and finalist of the Feelmotion 21 Trailer Awards— will be its first videogame.

About SelectaPlay

SelectaPlay is SelectaVisión’s video games publishing branch. The company works with talented studios on unique video games and helps them publish their titles in both physical and digital formats in Europe and worldwide.

About SelectaVisión

SelectaVisión is a video publishing company founded in 1984. Based in Spain, SelectaVisión’s catalog includes anime and live-action feature films, TV shows, and movies. Publishing both anime classics and the latest Japanese productions since 1997, SelectaVisión has built a long relationship with fan-favorite Japanese producers and distributors, becoming the major publisher of anime content for Spanish audiences.

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