In  a  strategic move aimed at maximazing opportunities for global co-production, Australian independent production company, SAM Content, celebrates its second anniversary by joining forces with  prolific  French  producer-distributor  ZED,  on  a  slate  of projects for the international market.

This  new alliance  between SAM Content, led  by acclaimed  Director Sally Aitken and Producer Aline Jacques, and ZED, helmed by president Manuel Catteau, marks a milestone in the companies’ global relationship.

Together with celebrated senior ZED producer, Christine Le Goff, the team has successfully collaborated in the past on various projects including Living Universe and The Birth of Shopping. The latter was acknowledge last year by the Grand Jury prize from the Academy of Commercial Sciences for its enduring legacy. Now, SAM and ZED’s alliance builds on these individual collaborations with an output deal. Both companies recognize the support within French and Australian funding opportunities, in state and federal tax offsets along with shooting and post-production incentives to maximize budgets.

Despite being in business for just two years, SAM Content has quickly established itself with  a  reputation  for  entertaining  premium  factual  content.  Co-founder  Sally  Aitken expressed excitement about the new collaboration, stating, “Our journey with SAM Content so far has been a testament to the power of positive thinking. Partnering with ZED propels us into a new realm of global co-production possibilities. It’s a powerful relationship built on existing trust and understanding. And of course, the inherent thrill of any creative collaboration holding hands across the globe making resonant stories for our world. 

ZED,  with  an   unparalleled  reputation  in  producing  and  distributing  global  stories, recognizes  the  unique  opportunities  working  with  Australia   in  an  evolving   media landscape.

Formed over 25 years ago by president Manuel Catteau, ZED has been named as a Realscreen Global 100 production company for the past five years and is a key player in the international market. Catteau commented, “In an industry where collaboration is key, our relationship with SAM Content cements our long-standing respect for Australian producers, particularly Aline Jacques  with  whom  we  have  enjoyed  several  successful productions over the last decade. Co-production requires very specific skills and know- how, that both our companies have. Success is always tied to understanding co-producing’s complex mechanisms which few know how to handle, together we have this in store. 

Projects on the slate include Atomic Paradise, the epic untold story during the nuclear testing era in the Pacific, Terra Futura, a bold reimagining of the Earth without humans in CGI and animation. The companies also have No Sex Required (working title), a series about the booming global fertility industry and profitable business of making babies.

SAM Co-founder Aline Jacques sees this collaboration as a game-changer for Australian storytelling and talent to be seen in Europe and around the world. She says, “Our alliance with ZED is an exciting chapter for both companies. It’s not just about creating content; it’s about reimagining the possibilities of global co-production and partnerships in an era that demands dynamic thinking. 

Christine Le Goff remarked on the storytelling strengths inherent to this venture: “At ZED, we pride ourselves on our openness to great talent and we admire the originality and style of Australian creatives. Together with our team in Paris and Sally and Aline in Sydney, I know we will have fresh thinking, with revealing and engaging projects, all of which also acts as accelerators for new talent pathways for both French and Australian crew. 

Both companies will be at WCSFP 2023 and RealScreen 2024.

As SAM Content and ZED prepare their slate of factual projects, their focus is on seeking out new ideas, new pathways, new audiences and using imaginative and collaborative thinking to shape the future of premium factual global content creation.

Key highlights of the strategic alliance include:

  1. StrategicGlobal Co-Production:   SAM Content and ZED are poised to lead the way in global co-production endeavours, leveraging SAM’s ambitious ideas and ZED’s network expertise.
  2.  Innovative  Storytelling  Ventures:  Thecollaborationaims  to   pioneer   new narratives  and  storytelling  formats, exploring  uncharted  creative  territories  that resonate with global audiences.
  3. Thinking Alike, ThinkingDifferently:SAM Content and ZED bring a collective commitment to strategic thinking, ensuring that each co-production venture is not only creatively rich but also well positioned for success in the global market.
  4. MaximizingCreative Opportunities: The alliance aims to  capitalize  on the wealth of creative opportunities presented by the global entertainment landscape, fostering  an  environment  which  can  ladder  up  other  Australian  creative  talent. SAM and ZED are commited to inclusive practice and a collaborative spirit that transcends borders and traditional barriers to market.


An independent French producer and distributor, founded by Manuel Catteau almost 30 years ago, ZED is a key player in documentary production, with a raft of major international broadcasters among its clients. ZED produces over 40 hours of documentaries a year and distributes a catalog of 3,500 hours worldwide, making the company one of the world’s leading exporters of French documentaries.


SAM Content is a Sydney based production company helmed by Media Executive Aline Jacques  (Living  Universe,  Hot  Potato:  The  Story  of  the  Wiggles)  and  twice  Emmy nominated Director Sally Aitken (Playing with Sharks, The Pacific with Sam Neill, Getting Frank Gehry). For decades,they have made award winning content for global broadcasters, including National Geographic; PBS; Disney+; Discovery; Amazon Prime; BBC; ARTE; CBC; ABC and SBS. SAM Content are  renowned for  major  international co-productions and projects of integrity and artistic daring.


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