Rube Goldberg Workshop is now available on Quest

Rube Goldberg Craziness Captured in New VR Game

Rube Goldberg Workshop is now available on Quest, letting you make tons of different crazy—dare we say—Rube Goldbergian machines.

Built on Quest’s Presence platform, users can choose to play either in virtual reality or mixed reality, the latter allowing you to use your own room and surfaces to build your creations.

The game includes over 80 different components, including toy cars, gears, books, rubber balls, bowling pins, and cannons. There’s no time limit or scores, only your own imagination to build whatever your please.

There’s no high scores to chase or challenges to cross off, so you’re free to let your imagination run wild and build whatever you want. When you’re done with one of your machines, you can create a video showing it off with Recording Mode (you can use Rube Goldberg Workshop’s scene backdrops to hide the details of your room), and then share it to the world from your headset.

Rube Goldberg Machines® in mixed reality are just as fun as they are in reality, but many times easier (no mess, no needing to reset the machine after every trial, and you have the ability to pause the action).Rube Goldberg challenges promote creativity, artistic expression, and STEM education.Certain objects he loved to draw, like the extending boxing glove, are iconic.

You can find it on Quest 2 and Quest Pro today on the Meta Store, priced at $10.

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