Robin Robin will Debut on Netflix

Robin Robin will Debut on Netflix

Aardman’s stop-motion musical special series Robin Robin will debut on Netflix on 27th November, to be delivered in time for Christmas 2021.

The 30-minute program, which will debut Nov. 27 on Netflix, is the first original production to team Netflix with Aardman–whose work has won multiple Oscars for productions including Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, A Close Shave and The Wrong Trousers. This collaboration will continue with a sequel to Aardman’s Oscar-nominated feature Chicken Run and a Shaun the Sheep Christmas special.

Created by its Directors Dan Ojari and Mikey Please, written by Ojari, Please, and Sam Morrison; produced by Helen Argo (Tate Movie Project, Wallace & Gromit’s Musical Marvels); and executive produced by Sarah Cox (Tate Movie Project and BAFTA nominated Heavy Pockets). Music and songs were created by The Bookshop Band. Robin Robin is the endearing story of a robin who is adopted by a family of burglar mice when her egg fortuitously rolls into a rubbish dump. As she grows up her differences become more apparent. She sets off on the heist to end all heists to prove to her family that she can be a really good mouse, but ends up discovering who she really is.

Golden Globe winner Gillian Anderson and Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant lead the cast in another beautiful animated feature produced in the UK.

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