Ripio call for blockchain-integrated game projects

Attention developers: Ripio will perform a super-selection in partnership with BIG Festival for game projects with blockchain integration!

Game Projects that are eligible:

  • Projects from Latin-American studios and developers only;
  • That have tokenization of assets with Blockchain;
  • That have innovative mechanics using Blockchain;
  • Which have a maximum cost of US$ 100,000;
  • Which have a maximum time of development of 10 months.

The finalist projects will be presented during the BIG Festival to a jury.

The winning project will receive R$ 20,000, in addition to Ripio’s support for blockchain integration and/or tokenization.

Registrations until the 6th of june.

What is Ripio?

Ripio is a Bitcoin exchange service founded in 2014 by Argentine entrepreneurs Sebastián Serrano and Luciana Gruszeczka. With over 100,000 active users, it is currently one of the most popular bitcoin exchanges in Argentina.

Why does Ripio sponsor BIG Festival?

Ripio believes that blockchain technology can offer new untapped opportunities for electronic games. What we see for now is just the tip of the iceberg of what blockchain can offer for games.

That’s why Ripio wants to get closer to game studios to offer blockchain technology and know-how and leave the creativity and construction of amazing games to those who really understand: developers!

The idea is to create solutions that solve the integration with blockchain in a simple way for studios that want to use this technology.

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