Rhythm shooter, ROBOBEAT, is coming to PC on May 16 2024

Get ready to keep your trigger finger on the pulse and shoot to the beat!

Kwalee, a leading games publisher based in the UK, and Inzanity, an independent Swedish studio founded by Simon Fredholm, are thrilled to announce the release date for their highly anticipated rhythm shooter, ROBOBEAT. The game is scheduled to launch on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on May 16th, 2024.

Kwalee and Inzanity have also unveiled ROBOBEAT’s action packed release date trailer:

ROBOBEAT is coming to PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on 16th May, 2024.

Players can also download the demo of the game on Steam which includes the powerful custom music feature and more. The custom music feature allows players to easily upload and trim their track in the in-game editor to automatically generate beats tailored to their play style, seamlessly changing custom songs anytime, anywhere without interruption.


Beat. The. Bot.

You’re Ace – a famous bounty hunter after your latest target, the eccentric robot-showman Frazzer. To find your way through his twisted techno-playground, you’ll have to master the art of shooting, wall-running, sliding, and bunny hopping, all in sync with the beat! Get ready to dance till you’re dead and then suit up for the remix in rogue-lite rhythm shooter Robobeat.

Shoot to the Beat

Shoot to your own beat with the custom music feature. Simply upload & trim your track or leave it as it is in our in-game editor to auto generate beats that suit your play style. Change custom songs effortlessly in-game anytime anywhere without interruption. The feature will support .wav, .mp3, and .ogg files. Maximise your damage and shorten your cooldown time by shooting in sync.

Master the art of charged shots, damage multipliers, armour piercing rounds, and more!

Move to the Music

You’ll want some slick moves to go with those slick new weapons. Your enemies aren’t going to wait around for you to take a dance break, so you’ve got to keep moving if you want to survive.

Wall run, slide, double jump, bunny hop, and grapple hook your way through technicolour levels to give your enemies the runaround. Keep it fluid, keep it funky, and keep it moving.

Rewind, Remix, Replay

Robobeat is a rogue-lite remix.

Fast forward through procedurally generated levels, equip an arsenal of finely-tuned weapons, and accompany your arsenal with a symphony of modifications. Your playstyle is on continuous shuffle, so you never know what each new run is going to bring!

About Kwalee

Kwalee is a multi-award-winning games publisher and developer based in Leamington Spa, UK, and has published a growing catalogue of PC and console titles including Eternal Hope, Scathe and Wildmender along with upcoming titles ROBOBEAT, The Precinct, The Spirit of the Samurai, Voidwrought and Hordes of Hunger.


Founded by games industry icon and Codemasters co-founder David Darling CBE, who leads a fast-growing team of global gaming experts with studios in the UK, India, China and Portugal along with remote team members all over the world, Kwalee is on the lookout for high-quality games to publish on all platforms and encourages developers to get in touch.


Officially recognised as ‘Best Publisher’ (Mobile Games Awards 2022) and ‘Best Large Studio’ (TIGA Awards 2021), Kwalee is also an ambassador of not-for-profit organisation Women in Games and a regular supporter of the charity SpecialEffect.

About Inzanity

Founded in 2016, Inzanity is the brainchild of Simon Fredholm, an independent solo developer based in Sweden. Inzanity has previously developed and self published games like Break the Game and Escape the Game on PC. Simon is currently working on ROBOBEAT, a rhythm shooter where you’ve been trapped in the ever-changing mansion of the eccentric robot-showman Frazzer.

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