RetroWar is Alive!

Today, Freemergency Studio and Another Indie are pleased to announce that Retrograde Arena, an evolved stylish physics-based twin-stick shooter, is coming to PC today for just $9.99.  Retrograde, weapons don’t kill, but the environment does! Awarded with the Rising Star (most anticipated game to be released by a new game studio) and Best Innovation Awards in the Southeast Asia Game Awards 2019, Retrograde Arena completely reimagines the twin-stick formula with dynamic movement enhanced by weapon recoil.


Guns aren’t just for attack, they are for speed, dodging, sharp corners, and brutal counter-attacks. Weapon recoil, bouncing beams, and environmental (deadly hazards) awareness make Retrograde Arena an entirely new kind of competitive multiplayer experience. Dripping with gorgeous neon and thrumming with powerful synth-wave tunes, Retrograde Arena also captures 80’s vibes and puts players in various battles for dominance!


Source:SinglePlayer PR

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