Realms of Ethernity – Update

  1. Big news updates

We are thrilled to announce that $RETH will be multi-chain on Polygon and Ethereum. To maximize the benefit from the ImmutableX partnership, Realms of Ethernity will integrate into the IMX ecosystem, meaning that the $RETH token will also be on the IMX L2 network as part of the game.

The second minting exclusively for Discord & Twitter game winners are open. Mint another Wanderer Pet here!

More surprise to come! Everyone who was allowlisted from Twitter interactions and Discord games is now allowlisted for the new and upcoming Mount collection. If you’re not yet allowlisted, join the raffle for a spot.

$RETH Trading on Uniswap has now ceased and liquidity has been withdrawn. You can still trade $RETH on Huobi.

  1. The Wanderer event is coming to an end

The Wanderer – Pet and Mount Minting event is close  to an end. You can join our allowlist raffle to get a legendary Mount with a chance to acquire a King/Queen Wanderer! Hurry up, registration closes on September 13, 2022.

Wanderers traversing the Realms

Besides the 2 King/Queen Wanderers, 10 specially mutated Wanderers with golden skin were also born in the second minting. Congratulations to all the new owners!

Golden skin Wanderer

  1. Game development progress update

As we concluded the Wanderer event, the team will keep up with the roadmap and help deliver the most out of the next sprint of the game. This sprint will focus on the preparation for the alpha of the game.

Quests: Quest mechanics, draft out dialogues. There will be a big number of quests, containing 2 main types: public and hidden quests. Other types of quests will not yet be prepared.

Detailed lore for each area, especially the Crystal Lake zone will be further developed, as well as opening up the map to not just only a small area, but to merge it together to create an open world experience.

Other features and small details that are being taken under construction: NPC features (normal and hidden dialogues, trading, repairing…), Leveling items, Status effects,…

While many more monsters are still in development, some enemies are now reworked to fully capture the dreadful environment of the Realms.

Okh (Top), Borov (Bottom left), Cursed Root (Bottom right) redesigns

Moonbear and Hitnaman, new additions to the monster army

Terrain and Environment:

Detailed building concepts and map overviews for new locations: Grand Outposts, Bandit camp, Vento Hamlet.

Vento Hamlet (Left) and Bandit Camp (Right) maps overview

  1. What’s next?

Upcoming NFT events for RoE are coming soon.

Game development

To implement a newer, more polished UI and HUD for players to enjoy the game to the fullest.

New inventory improvements, including shortcuts, hotkeys, and more functions (for example: See Info, Split, Drop, Discard,…)

Essential game asset updates, such as databases and items that go with levels will be ready for the launch.

Sneak Peek: UI for RoE (Not fully developed and will go through changes)

This Month’s Feature

Wild Thunder Studio – A New Chapter

Come and explore the brand new spacious, bright and well-equipped working space of Wild Thunder Studio, where the RoE universe is being built day-by-day under the good hands of our experienced talents. Click on the image to catch a glimpse of our studio!



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