Realcast Gets Quirky with HIDE THE CORPSE VR Kickstarter Launch and Meta Quest Demo Release

Award winning studio gets into the groove with this funky 70’s physics-based puzzler – available to support on Kickstarter now

Prepare for a groovy good time – Realcast, an award-winning studio founded by industry veterans, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Kickstarter for their side-splitting VR puzzler game, Hide the Corpse!  To celebrate the Kickstarter, the studio has released a new trailer as well as a free demo which is available to play on Meta Quest.

Watch the trailer here:

This wacky physics-based puzzler throws players into a hilarious 1970s adventure where they must, well, hide the corpse!  With time ticking away, players must use their  VR environment to their advantage. Grab, drag, and contort the body and objects you find around the environment to stash the body in one of the available hiding places before the place is crawling with cops.

Kickstarter pledges will help Realcast with the final development, polish the game to a shine, and bring this unique VR experience to life.

By backing Realcast, players will get access to exclusive rewards, early access to the game, and a chance to be part of the development process through early access to the game and giving the team feedback.

“Hide the Corpse is all about unleashing your creativity and improvisation skills in a race against the clock,” says Clément Bigot, Creative Director at Realcast. “The unexpected is around every corner, making this game a blast to play and even more fun to watch others experience the chaos. We can’t wait to see what players think after playing the demo”

Key Features:

  • Far Out Physics Playground: Grab the bod (and anything else that isn’t nailed down) and prepare for some wild physics action.  This isn’t an average corpse – the body will bend, twist and contort in ways that will have players screaming ‘FAR OUT’
  • Time [warp] Crunch: Think fast! With only 4 minutes on the clock, every second counts in this hilarious quest to dispose of the evidence before the fuzz find out.
  • Infinite 70s Funkadelic Fun: Over 10 levels and 60 mind-blowing groovy hiding spots to test your skills against the clock, man. When it’s all said and done, it ain’t over – unlock righteous mini-games that’ll have you wigging out with far-out challenges.
  • ‘Right On’ Adventure: Forget the blood and guts, this isn’t some B-movie nightmare. Hide the Corpse is all about having a groovy time and using your skills to stash a stiff in the most outrageously creative ways possible.
  • Hide the Corpse is now available to support on Kickstarter, with the demo available to play on Meta Quest.

About Realcast

Founded in 2017 by industry veterans Nino Sapina and Diego Fernandez, Realcast is an award-winning indie studio dedicated to developing entertaining VR and cultural AR experiences. Their first VR title Just Hoops, a hand-tracked basketball game with retro vibes that launched in Early Access in 2021 will full launch in 2024.

In January  2023, a talented team of students from the ISART Digital School presented an innovative idea and convincing concept … this was the start of Hide the Corpse. The students soon joined the Realcast team to bring the game (and corpse!) to life. In 2024 Realcast launched a Kickstarter to finalize development of the title.


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