Ratten Reich: The Board Game is LIVE

at Crytivo, alongside our friends from Metal Adler Studio, are pleased to announce the launch of Ratten Reich: The Board Game on Kickstarter!

Lead your country to complete dominance through either force or diplomatic tricks in this tabletop extension of the highly anticipated RTS action videogame, Ratten Reich.

Ratten Reich: The Board Game is a physical tabletop companion to the upcoming RTS wargame, Ratten Reich. With the help of BANKAI BG, the board game will exhibit the same themes as the videogame and, if this project is successful, may help to scale up the PC game.

Your task is to lead your faction to victory. Whatever country you play as, you have to muster supplies and equip your armies, lead them into battle, face losses and recoup them.

Board Game Features:

  • 5 player boards
  • 10 event cards
  • 36 game figures
  • 100 coin tokens
  • 6 ambassador tokens
  • 20 fortress tokens
  • 44 construction tokens
  • 100 capture tokens
  • 240 military dog tags
  • 30 building cards
  • 26 military cards
  • 1 playing field map
  • 1 autocrat tablet
  • …and more!
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