RAFA celebrate the 20th anniversary of Riki Group of companies and ‘Kikoriki’ project

In June, 2023 RAFA celebrate the 20th anniversary of Riki Group of companies and ‘Kikoriki’ project

Ilya Popov, President of RAFA, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Riki Group of Companies:

‘This year is special. We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the ‘Kikoriki’ project and our company. I am grateful to everyone who was able to come and share this moment with us today. 20 years have passed very quickly. During this time, we were incredibly lucky with people who were involved in the project, supported and created it. Our partners also play an important role here. It was they who, at some point, believed in the project, joined and remain with us to this day. Thanks to this, we have created such a wonderful boundless Universe of ‘Riki’, where new names and characters will continue to appear.’

From June 20 to 24, the Russian delegation was represented at China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) in Hangzhou.The animation film market will feature projects from studios and companies: SMF, Riki group of companies, Yarko, KinoAtis, GreatFrame, Skazka, Good Night, Kids!, Red Square, as well as cases of the Flysound and Cyrillic service companies and LLCs “Sweetclub”, “Art 3D Graphics”, “Bubble” and “Sergei Eisenstein Street”.

A total of 75 Russian cinematic releases from 18 companies were traveling to the SIFF Market 2023.

More details on https://aakr.ru/en/russian-content-worldwide-at-siff-2023/ 

Six Russian companies bring their projects to Vietnam. At a special presentation organized by ROSKINO, international content buyers  see a number of new animation projects. These are the animated series for teenagers The Steel Family: Brotherhood vs Gold (Voronezh Animation studio) and the full-length animated film Detective Chirp & the Golden Beehive (SMF Animation). The presentation will also include the animated series Fixies (Riki Group). Last year, BabyRiki, KikoRiki, and PinCode became available in Vietnamese on FTP Play. This year, Riki Group plans to negotiate the sale of new seasons of the Fixies project, whose characters are well known to young viewers in Asia. International representatives will also be able to see: Champies from Digital Television Russia, Team MATCH. from YARKO and the full-length cartoon Space Dogs. Tropical Adventure from KinoAtis. In total, Russian animation companies will present 25 projects at the Telefilm Vietnam market.

‘Masha and the Bear: say ‘Oh!’ released at theaters in Russia

The second feature   of the universe “Masha and the Bear”, created by Animaccord studio, is released at cinema theaters all over Russia.

A 22-minute movie plus four new 7-minute stories about Masha and the Bear (the total duration of the project is ~ 56 minutes) are available.

Dubbing: Yulia Zunikova (Masha), Boris Kutnevich, Artem Bozhutin, Valeria Shevchenko, Zinaida Kuprianovich, Oleg Savostyuk, Diomid Vinogradov, Yulia Yablonskaya

More details on  https://aakr.ru/en/masha-and-the-bear-say-oh-released-at-theaters-in-russia/ 

Meeting of representatives of the animation industry of Russia and Argentina

An online meeting of the Russian animation industry with representatives of the animation cluster of Argentina will be held for the third time.

The Russian side was represented both by the majors of the animation market, TV channels, and companies with small production volumes. Among the Russian participants are representatives of the SMF film Studio, the Riki Group of Companies, studios and companies Melnitsa, Digital Television, YARKO, Lux Cinema ( Superheroes TV Channel), Global Influencers, Cyrillic, Brand4Rent, “Just about Important. About Mira and Gosha”, Art Animation Studio, “KupiGolos”, HonkFu Studio. Russian companies will pitch projects for the partners.

More details on  https://aakr.ru/en/meeting-of-russia-and-argentina-2023/

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