“Qiongyuan Jade Universe” Immersive Digital Art Experience Space

The “Qiongyuan Jade Universe” Immersive Chinese Ceiling Digital Art Experience Space showcases the exquisite artistic form and profound cultural connotations of Chinese ceiling architecture, allowing audiences to further understand and appreciate the beauty of Chinese traditional culture.

Curated by Professor Wang Zhiguang from the Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, and produced by Beijing Yu Guo Culture and Technology Co., Ltd. and the New Media Performing Arts Innovation Institute, Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts, with academic support from Professor Li Luke from the School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, the “Qiongyuan Jade Universe” immersive Chinese ceiling digital art experience space was created.

Stepping into the CAVE immersive space created by LED screens, the square screen on the ceiling perfectly matches the position of the ceiling, accurately reproducing the delicate appearance of the ceiling, as if stepping into a mysterious ancient temple. The creative team used high-precision scanning reconstruction, naked eye 3D, three-dimensional special effects, and other technical means to create a surround-style new media image, presenting the structure, decoration, color, and function of the dome in terms of its constantly changing interior patterns. It vividly re-creates the woodworking craftsmanship of clever connections, the concept of using water to prevent fires, and the legendary stories, all of which are presented through multimedia technology. The images of “Dragon and Phoenix Soaring in Clouds,” “Pavilions and Towers,” and “Galactic Heavenly Palace” in the dome decoration are brought back to life in a dreamlike manner, and the audience can’t help but express their amazement at the artistic skills of ancient craftsmen.

Artistic means are used to create an ultra-high-definition digital content experience scene, fully showcasing the rich cultural significance and historical value of the dome, not only allowing audiences to understand and experience Chinese traditional culture from a new perspective through the integration of art and technology in an immersive experience, but also achieving the digital inheritance and display of Chinese cultural heritage. “Dome of Jade Universe” Immersive Chinese Ceiling Digital Art Experience Space is based on a comprehensive survey of the cultural, historical, craftsmanship, color, and classification of ceilings, presenting creative content in the form of images to tell the audience the origins, structures, applications, and evolution of traditional ceiling elements, as well as the innovative applications of ceiling elements in modern design, such as music visualization, geographic location visualization, point cloud scanning, fractals, and kaleidoscopes.

The work not only provides multi-angle interpretations and innovative presentations of the aesthetics and cultural value of ceilings, but also, in the process of creation, combines cutting-edge technologies such as building three-dimensional point cloud scanning and visualization reconstruction to establish a digital asset database of ceilings, providing a new perspective and value for the future study and inheritance of ceiling art.

Digital technology is constantly producing new application scenarios, and by coupling with art, it is currently undergoing a new round of development and integration of our sensory perception and real sense. The new quality of production resulting from the deep integration of art and technology can, on the one hand, benefit education, as digital and intelligent, aesthetics and creativity are becoming basic qualities of the younger generation. On the other hand, it can benefit social construction, nurturing a diverse and open innovative ecosystem and a public culture that values innovation. Digital art has always had a strong public character since its inception, not only reflected in the replicability, real-time and interactive characteristics of the digital media on which digital art creation is based, but also reflected in the hyperlinkage, participation and social characteristics of the media on which digital art display is based. In this sense, it is particularly important for artists to deeply experience and understand the cultural value of technology. Only by immersing themselves in social networks, AI communities, and AIGC engines can they enter the social scene of this era more embodied and experience and observe the survival experience of contemporary humans. As digital art is integrated into various aspects of social life, the trend of easy-to-use creation tools also means a significant reduction in the technical barriers. At this point, it becomes increasingly important to explore how digital art values are formed and how they should be judged.

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