Prison Boss VR Breaks into PlayStation VR 2!

Prison Boss VR Breaks into PlayStation VR 2!

The game sequel is announced!

TREBUCHET, a Montreal based VR studio, is thrilled to announce today the surprise release of its first-ever game, Prison Boss VR, on PlayStation VR 2.

As an added bonus, we’re excited to reveal that we are actively developing an egg-citing sequel to the game, Prison Boss: Prohibition! The best part? You’ll finally be able to craft and smuggle with a friend in co-op mode. Find more information about this sequel by the end of this press release.

“We’re very excited to bring Prison Boss VR to the PSVR 2 players! This game always felt special to us as it was our foundational title of the studio. Being able to take advantage of the fantastic PSVR 2 controllers with our hands-on crafting mechanics felt like a natural fit,” claims Vincent Brunet-Dupont, CEO, and co-founder of TREBUCHET. “We are also thrilled to use this new launch of the game to let it out in the open: we are working on a sequel, and we’re looking forward to sharing more on this shortly!”


About Prison Boss VR

First released in 2017, Prison Boss VR is a room-scale simulation and crafting game that puts players in the shoes of a prisoner who wants to make the most of their time in jail. Craft and sell to your fellow inmates contraband items like cigarettes, erotic letters, or even …warm and delicious cookies! With your hard-earned money, buy new supplies or furniture to pimp your cell and become more efficient! But, most importantly, be careful of the guards patrolling at night; they’ll confiscate any merchandise they see.

With the power of PlayStation VR 2, Prison Boss VR will offer players a whole new level of immersion. Sense the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers as you apply your ancestral savoir-faire, whether it’s in rolling cigarettes or turning a bottle into a hookah. Also, enjoy a more intuitive experience thanks to the eye-tracking for menu selection.

Game availability

Prison Boss VR is available today at 2 PM UTC on PlayStation VR 2, with a surprise launch. The game is already available on Meta Quest, Steam and PlayStation VR 1.

Game features

  • Craft contraband items without getting caught by the guards
  • Become the richest incarcerated egg the world has ever known
  • Complete 80 jobs, across 4 different prisons
  • Play in Story, Arcade, or Boss mode
  • Enjoy the jazzy and humorous atmosphere of the game

Enhance your experience thanks to the PlayStation VR 2 exclusive features

Get ready to experience the best egg-themed VR prison simulator game on the market! For more information, please access our media kit. Follow us on X for the latest updates!

About Prison Boss: Prohibition

In Prison Boss: Prohibition, players are finally out of the hole and can have a fresh start in New Yolk City. They have the opportunity to manage small shops throughout the city to sell their legal… and not-so-legal merchandise. Here’s the thing: the Mayor of New Yolk is as shady as he is moody. Items become prohibited or not depending on his whims. Provide for the inhabitants to become more and more influential, and who knows? Your smuggling skills might just pave the way for a daring run to snatch the Mayor’s crown!

Prison Boss: Prohibition is currently in development, with no release window set at this time. The game will be available on Meta Quest, PlayStation VR 2, and Steam.

About Trebuchet

TREBUCHET is a studio founded in Montreal in 2017 with a focus on crafting innovative VR games. Started straight out of university, the studio rapidly became a full-fledged company of over 40 developers working on multiple projects, but the mission stays the same: making fun games with a cool team.

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