Pretia Technologies dazzles game developers with its Cutting-Edge AR Cloud Platform

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Pretia Technologies, a Tokyo-based leader in AR development, unveiled its innovative Pretia AR Cloud Platform at the Game Developer Conference 2023 (GDC 2023) in San Francisco under the tagline “Making the AR game easier than ever with Pretia at #GDC2023.” The platform is designed to empower game developers and attract potential clients and partners to explore the exciting world of augmented reality.

The Pretia AR Cloud Platform is a cloud-based development platform that incorporates VPS and multiplayer features for the rapid development of high-quality AR applications. Leveraging  core  spatial  recognition  algorithms  developed  by  Pretia’s  research  and development team, the Pretia AR Cloud Platform enables the seamless embedding of AR content in space for multiplayer games, character interactions, riddle-solving, and more.

Pretia’s AR Cloud Platform also boasts three key features: 3D mapping, relocalization, and multiplayer support. The platform’s Scanner app makes 3D mapping a breeze using only  a  camera,  while  the  in-house  relocalization  algorithm  ensures  high-speed  and high-accuracy  positioning.  Multiplayer functionality is integrated directly into the SDK, eliminating the need for additional services.

At  GDC  2023,  Pretia  launched  its demo  app to showcase the relocalization feature, allowing  non-game  developers  to  create  their  own AR experiences featuring  Pretia characters. Xinyu Jia who experienced the app made by Pretia AR Cloud Platform said, “The Pretia AR Cloud Platform delivered a remarkably simple development process and showcased   an   immersive   multiplayer   AR   experience.   The   platform   has   fast relocalization, strong stability ofAR objects, and impressively low latency in multiplayer sessions.”

“We ‘re thrilled to have had the opportunity to meet game developers from around the world in person at GDC 2023 after the challenges of the pandemic,” said Yu Ushio, CEO of Pretia Technologies Inc., “Introducing ourAR Cloud Platform to these developers and seeing their excitement as they experience it firsthand is truly rewarding.”

In  an  effort  to  engage  even  more  game  developers,  Pretia  is  inviting  interested individuals to  register for their  upcoming online  hands-on workshop. Yu added,  “We encourage game developers across the globe to join our workshop and learn how to

create their own AR applications or sample projects using our Pretia AR Cloud platform.” Our team is more than ready to help make yourAR dreams a reality.”

We welcome you to participate in Pretia Technologies’ online workshop, where you can experience our AR Cloud Platform. To sign up, use this link: and  contact us with any questions.

For more information about our company, visit: We’re excited to offer an enjoyable and educational event!

About Pretia Technologies, Inc.

Pretia Technologies, Inc.  is a Tokyo-based start-up dedicated to designing and developing Pretia AR Developer Platform and elevating AR experiences, and we’ve spent years perfecting our craft. Now, we’re excited to help other developers achieve their goals through our platform. With our proprietary spatial recognition algorithm, we make it easy for developers to create persistent AR experiences in real spaces.

Our mission is to “Empower collaborative achievement,” and we have team members from all over the world working towards this goal. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, we’re focused on promoting and implementing AR through our innovative Pretia AR Developer Platform. We’re also partnering  with  large  AR  headsets  makers  to  usher  in  the  era  of AR  headsets,  including collaborations with industry giants like SegaSammy and Shogakukan.

With our technology and project history, we’re confident that we’re perfectly positioned to catch “the AR glasses era” as it begins in 2023. So if you’re looking to create amazing AR experiences, join us at Pretia Technologies, Inc. and let’s make your dreams a reality!


Source:Pretia Technologies, Inc.


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