Prehistoric Kingdom Early Access Release Date

Publisher, Crytivo, alongside developer Blue Meridian, is proud to announce the Early Access release of Prehistoric Kingdom on April 27th! In less than 1 weeks, this highly anticipated dinosaur management and tycoon simulator will be available to all.

Grow jungles, carve rivers, and raise mountains across the enormous playable area to create the perfect park for your specimens. Design, decorate, and unlock your creativity!

Key features:

  • Design and decorate your habitats
  •  Play with a variety of powerful and creative tools
  •  Modular building
  • Manage your park
  •  Develop infrastructure for guests, staff, and your animals
  • Care for animals ranging from Wooly Mammoths to the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex
  • Breed a diverse selection of prehistoric wildlife
  • Customize it all!

Take up the role of park manager by developing the infrastructure to care for guests, animals and staff alike. Ensure resources and safety is kept in order to delay the inevitable!

From the majestic Woolly Mammoth to the mighty Tyrannosaurus rex, undo the rules of extinction by breeding a diverse selection of prehistoric wildlife.

Find new creatures and genetic skins by discovering genetic material from all over the world, unleashing unseen levels of customization and choice.

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