Prehistoric Kingdom Announcement Trailer

San Diego, CA September 29, 2020 — Publisher, Crytivo alongside the development team, Blue Meridian are excited to announce the release of their early access announcement trailer featuring never before seen footage with voice over by famed zoologist, Nigel Marven.

Besides being known for the many nature shows Nigel has hosted, he also starred in the 2002 Chased by Dinosaurs documentary.  Prehistoric Kingdom is a game that takes pride in their representation of the natural world so when Nigel Marven agreed to voice over the trailer the team was over the moon.

“It was pretty surreal, as a long-time fan, working with Nigel was an amazing opportunity,” says Creative Director, Maurizio Morosan.

About Prehistoric Kingdom

Design a theme park and bring to life a world of long extinct animals. Create and manage an experience for guests and animals to enjoy and watch your business grow. Customize your zoo to your own aesthetic desires.

Early Access Game Features

  • 22 Animals in the early access launch including Tyrannosaurus, Triceratops, Lambeosaurus, Styracosaurus, Mammuthus, Smilodon, and Coelodonta. With more after release.
  • Variety of biomes including: grassland, tropical, wetland, coastal, boreal, with more planned after release.
  • Terraforming tools, “substrate” and “foliage brushes” to transform the landscape.
  • Modular and pre-built buildings to create the park of the player’s dreams.
  • Genetics Lab to customize the color and gender of animals.
  • Resource Management of animal health alongside visitor happiness and zoo budget.
  • Customizable power sources and food supplies that have benefits and downsides that need to be balanced.

Release Date

Prehistoric Kingdom will be released in Early Access Q2 of 2021, with monthly content updates planned until release.


We’ve unlocked the science to revive extinct species. Now, it’s time to bring them to life and show them to the world. Design, build, and manage a state-of-the-art prehistoric sanctuary. What could possibly go wrong?

About This Game

Resurrect and care for long-extinct prehistoric creatures with mad science, and then construct the greatest sanctuary on earth. Bend the earth to your will as you design and manage the best, most secure prehistoric utopia ever witnessed. Then throw open the doors for the world to see, and let the buffet customers roll in.

Build the Ultimate Park

  • Terraform land to grow jungles, carve rivers, and raise mighty mountains. Construct park amenities to help your creatures thrive. Build secure enclosures for your prehistoric pals—and don’t forget amenities for visitors. Kids love a good gift shop!
  • Manage Your Kingdom
  • Spare no expense! Constructing the perfect prehistoric utopia isn’t easy. You still need to ensure everything is running smoothly, your creations are content, and your finances healthy enough to keep it all running. Keep customers happy—and your dinosaurs happier. Eating customers is bad business!
  • Breed Extinct Animals
  • Revive and breed a vast array of prehistoric creatures from different eras, including mighty mammoths, vicious Velociraptors, perky Pachycephalosaurs, and terrifying Tyrannosaurs.



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