Popular PlayStation games from SONY

The PlayStation® China exhibition zone is the largest booth in the Guangzhou Animation Game Festival  (CICFxAGF) and gained most attention from the industry and players. A number of PS4 games, including the new hot “Monkey King: Hero is Back”, are shown letting fans play with all the fun! CICF x AGF is organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Culture, supported by the Guangdong Province Game Industry Association.

“Monkey King: Hero is Back” is a PS4 game co-produced by SONY interactive entertainment and October Culture and Oasis Games. The game is scheduled to be released in 2019 with the first release of DLC “Monkey King”. Officials said it was the first game on PS platform based on an original Chinese IP and carefully crafted by teams from China and Japan for global distribution. The game DLC extended from the movie “Journey to the West ” was also announced for the first time, with classic characters like “Neza” appearing successively.

SONY set up a number of consoles on site for players to line up to play.  The area around the queue are crowded with fans, a shocking game experience! There is always one game that fans of different styles and genres enjoy.  CICFxAGF is popular with audiences of all ages. Among them, audiences aged 4-14 accounted for 26.3% of the visitors, young adults aged 15-35 accounted for the highest 58.1%, audiences aged 36-40 accounted for 12.9%, and the remaining age group accounted for 2.7%. Audiences were made up of 60% general audience, 9% media audience and 31% professional audience.

In addition to the big stage event, popular singers also appeared on the PlayStation® China exhibition booth, singing the theme song of “Monkey King: Hero is Back“.

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