Popular Asian Comics “tian qiao xia de tian tang” is Scheduled to be Adapted onto Screen

Kinmen Production announced the acquisition of the copyright of the popular hot work of the Malaysian popular cartoon black jellyfish “Paradise under the bridge”, and plans to put it on the big screen to meet the expectations of fans and readers.


12 weeks in the top of the list

“Paradise under the bridge” is a work published by the Malaysian cartoonist Black Jellyfish in 2017. Once it was launched, it reminded millions of readers with its humorous and warm-hearted story, and triggered heated discussions and crazy reprints. It has topped the list of popular cultural indicators in Asia Weekly for more than 12 weeks and was ranked No.1 in the 2017 Best Selling List of the Popular Bookstore. Its sales record defeated the representative works of well-known writers such as Guo Jingming and Gu Man, and is the best-selling book of the year in Malaysia. The comics tells about the unique “paradise” CP of Lu Tang and Tang Tian. After seeing the self-interest of interest, he still insists on building the paradise street in his mind to accomplish the dream of others. The style is simple and the depth of the story is Beyond imagination. The actor in the comics, Lu Tang, is sleeping under the bridge, a neurotic hobo that everyone can’t avoid; but it is such a person, but the task of the god of death responsible for ending life has repeatedly failed, let the angel responsible for spreading love and luck, step by step. Seven crimes were committed in one step… The story kept the black jellyfish’s consistently funny level, and the plot was unexpectedly unfolded, which made people feel moved and also had a strong resonance, and the best of the year was deserved.


Cover of Heaven under the Bridge

Black jellyfish, Malaysian cartoonist, began to serialize humor comics in Sin Chew Daily and Xue Hai in 2007. In the same year, he launched a personal comic book, and has published more than 20 comics. His works are simple and strong in style and style. They have occupied the top spot in the top 100 Chinese best-selling charts for many years and have been translated into multiple languages. Most of his stories focus on the lives of ordinary people, but there is no lack of positive, humorous and unobtrusive, and is known as the “Life Department” cartoonist.

Although the world film industry is pursuing the “Marvel” horizontal shared universe works, Kinmen’s production prefers to tap potential playwrights and works around the world. The “Pee Daddy”, which was shortlisted for the main competition of the 29th Tokyo International Film Festival, was adapted from the stage play of Japanese dramatist Yu Dianh Yan. The original work has won several drama awards. The “San Jose Murder” and “The Flavor of Pepper” in the post-production are also adapted from stage plays and novels.

电影监制 曹敬文 漫画家 黑色水母
Film producer Cao Jingwen and cartoonist black jellyfish

In recent years, Jinmen’s works such as “Stepping on Blood and Seeking Plums” and “Fire Heroes” have won many awards and box office. Yang Yongguang, a newly-launched director who won the award at the Busan Film Festival for his “Fire Youth”, and the “Palace of the Mountain”, directed by the Bhutanese female director Dechen Roder, was selected for the 67th Berlin Film Festival Panorama Unit. They have all been supported by the production of Kinmen, so the filming of “Paradise under the Bridge” is very much looking forward to.

Source: NetEase


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