Poki + BIG Festival

The BIG Festival (Best International Games Festival) takes place since 2012 and is the most important game festival in Latin America. ​On top of showcasing the most innovative games in the world, the event is also the most important meeting point for those who want to have a deep understanding of games, with speaking sessions, workshops, keynotes and the biggest games business forum in Latin America.

Poki is the leading company in the web games industry, and they’re on a mission to create the ultimate online playground. Reaching more than 50 million monthly active users worldwide, they’re responsible for an active and growing community of 350+ game developers, focussing on unique, innovative, and exciting web games to set the new standard on web.

This year, Poki was an online attendee of the BIG Festival and show its full-service platform empowers game developers to find success on web. If you want to know about its service, please check: https://developers.poki.com/

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