Peking-Opera Style Animation – “Jing-Ju Cats” – Launched the Cinematic Version

As a well-known anime brand, “Beijing Opera Cat” has been popular for a long time. This animation has set off a viewing frenzy once it was released. It has almost included all domestic animation awards. Previously, the news that “Beijing Opera Cat” will push the movie version has caused widespread concern in the industry. On October 16th, the filming conference of “Beijing Opera Cat: Overlord” was officially held in Shanghai. On the spot, the film version was announced to be more gorgeous with more shocking visual impact and more up-and-coming characters. On the same day, the artist Lu Zhongping, the chairman of the China-Japan Animation and Game Industry Association, Guankou Gong, and other guests appeared to cheer for this Chinese anime platform.

In 2015, the first season of “Beijing Opera Cat” was aired. This original work combining the elements of traditional Chinese culture with animation and animation not only captures the hearts of audiences of many ages, but also allows the market to see the possibilities of Chinese anime. Sex. At present, “Beijing Opera Cat” has launched three seasons, with nearly 2.5 billion hits, and has repeatedly won the first place in the national animation ratings list, which has attracted much attention from the industry.

Seasonal animation is known for its distinctive characters, bold worldview architecture, exquisite detailing and exciting plots, and the movie version of Peking Opera Cat: Overlord is also not to be underestimated. The Peking Opera cat has accumulated six years of IP. The film combines more elements of more attention, such as style, characters and storyline.

It is understood that “Beijing Opera Cat: Overlord” is the first animated film of “Beijing Opera Cat”. The story is about a fantastic adventure story of the little hero of the Beijing Opera cat. Unlike the seasonal animation, the film builds the background of the worldview with the well-known “Chu and Han War”. The industry believes that the integration of real historical events will attract more adult attention.

In the art style, the film combines the “Chinese style of Beijing opera elements” and “the modern sense of science and technology in the steam era”, which combines the artistic characteristics of traditional culture with the imagination of science and technology, and has a visual impact. In addition to the highlights of the story and the style of the painting, “Beijing Opera Cat: Overlord” also incorporates the elements of family. The whole story has a solid story, warm feelings and positive energy full of education.

Since 2012, the domestic animation market has been expanding slowly, the trend of production is biased towards a younger age, and the endless stream of overseas animation works have made the development of domestic animation difficult. Even last year, the box office of Chinese animated films showed a landslide for the first time. Although domestic animation has been developing the subject of borders, it has stopped at the content, and there are few fine works. The appearance of the movie “Beijing Opera Cat: Overlord” can be said to fill the gap in the theme of domestic animation in Beijing opera.

At the press conference, artist Lu Zhongping also surprised to appear. Lu Zhongping has won more than 60 awards and participated in the design of the tiger prototype in the Ang Lee film “The Fantasy Drifting of the Boys.” At the scene, Lu Zhongping also gave a very high affirmation to the “Beijing Opera Cat”. “Good works are really not easy, especially for art works. Seeing such a fusion of Peking opera elements and animations will be presented in the form of movies. I am really excited and I hope I can do my part at any time.”

“The animated film “Beijing Opera Cat: Overlord” is not only in its fine art, it also ingeniously puts the national drama of Peking Opera in the form of an animated film on the screen, also from Beijing opera, traditional etiquette, poetry The songs and other aspects have comprehensively explained the traditional culture, which has great artistic value and cultural significance,” Lu Zhongping added.

At the end of the conference, a group of masters also unveiled the image of the glass-steel version of the character’s role in the film, and this is the first time the film version has been unveiled. As the first work of the head of the country, the starry sky into the movie market, the current fantasy of the Beijing Opera Cat: Overlord is being produced in an orderly manner.


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