Open Beta for Nioh 2 is Starting in November, Only PS4 Confirmed So Far

PlayStation has announced that an open beta for the upcoming Nioh 2 is starting in November 2019 and everyone who owns a PS4 will be able to jump in the open beta and try out the game. Nioh 2 is originally planned to come out in 2020 however the developers are going to let fans have a go at the game before its full release in the open beta.

The open beta will run from November 1 to November 10, 2019, and it will be accessible to everyone on the PS4. There are no limitations and pre-orders of the game are not required to get access to Nioh 2 open beta. This is not the first time Team Ninja is giving players access to try out the game because earlier in 2019, a closed beta was also held which allowed players to get a taste of the game.

Closed Beta was a pretty early build of the game however this time around, more features and areas might be present in the beta as a decent amount of time has passed since the closed beta. Nioh 2 is taking a brand new direction for the franchise because unlike the first game where you had a set character from the start of the game, this time around, you have a detailed character customizer which is a lot different from the first game.

Nioh 2, players will also be able to transition between the human form as well as the Yokai or the ‘fiend’ form which will allow players to go deep into the Dark Realm of the Yokai. The developers have worked since the closed beta on the feedback they received from players and now the open beta will be much better and more stable than ever allowing players to better understand the new mechanics of Nioh 2.


By:Umair Khalid

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