Onmyoji’s New SSR Izanami Arrives with the Divinity’s Doom Event!

NetEase Games, the online games division of NetEase, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTES, HKEX: 9999) has announced that the new Shikigami SSR Izanami (VA: Yumi Hara) arrived to Onmyoji in the  Divinity’s Doom event on November 22nd.

Watch Izanami’s PV here:


VA: Yumi Hara

Since annihilation is the endpoint of creation, let destruction bring the ultimate end! The moment of the birth of a perfect god is the time to bestow supreme joy upon the world.

Onmyoji’s new version event “Divinity’s Doom” officially began on November 22nd, featuring a new summoning event that helps players to get the new SSR Izanami (VA: Yumi Hara). During the event, regular summons in the game will be replaced with New Horizons version and Vintage Classics version, both of which has a different pool of SP/SSR Shikigami from regular summons. Players can choose any one of them at any time, as their counts will be accumulated for stage reward, special stage reward, and Memory Scroll.

During the event, it is guaranteed that an SP/SSR Shikigami will be obtained within 60 summons and will not interrupt the counting of the “Unlucky Streak” achievement series. (If an SP/SSR Shikigami is obtained before reaching 60 summons, the counting will restart.) Furthermore, players could use Mystery Amulets, Jades, and AR Amulets to summon 40 times during the summoning period to obtain an additional “Random SP/SSR Shikigami”.

During the new version event “Divinity’s Doom”, players can summon Shikigami and build their own team to combat. By participating in various gameplay modes, players can obtain exclusive event items to exchange for rewards. Event rewards include Aobozu’s New Skin “Misty Monk”, SSR/SP Summon Scroll, Animated frame, Skill Daruma, limited Illustration and Jade, and more.

The SSR Izanami Memory Scrolls event commenced after the maintenance on November 22 and conclude on December 12 at 23:59. By taking part in various gameplay modes, players can obtain Scrolls Shard items. Upon using these shards to repair the Memory Scroll, players will receive a random reward each time. Once the scroll has been fully repaired, rewards will be distributed to all players based on their contribution rankings. Top ranking Onmyoji will be rewarded with shards of SSR Izanami and event limited frames.

Prepare to be captivated by the enchanting experience that awaits you in the upcoming Divinity’s Doom update of Onmyoji. Players can look forward to a delightful treat in the weeks to come.

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