“One Piece” 1999-2019   The adventure never stops, the dream never ends

The 20th Anniversary Theatre Edition of “One Piece” is officially named <One Piece: Stampede>.  It will hit the Japanese theaters on August 9, 2019, and the mainland China’s theaters on October 18.  The film has previously been released overseas and gained strong support from a large number of fans.  On the first day of release in Japan, audiences number hit 356,000, ranked first in Japan’s 2019 first day film attendance!  <One Piece: Stampede>’s overseas achievement did attract anticipation from Chinese fans.

The “One Piece” animation has been on the air for 20 years.  For fans, the release of <One Piece: Stampede> is not an ordinary theater version of the animation, but a retrack of all the growth, dreams, companionship and youth of the past two decades.

<One Piece: Stampede> gives thousands of “one piece” fans a chance to pay tribute to their youth.  It is more like a friend whom never gives up, accompanying everyone through a long journey of twenty years.  On October 8, 2019, a synod poster of the characters was released.  The nine leading characters represent partner, belief, breakthrough, hope, adventure, dream, courage, conquest, and convention.  All these key words come from their classic lines, symbolizing their persistent belief, and influencing the “seafaring spirit” of countless fans.  As with the main character Lu Fei, partner is the strength.  His line, “there is no subordinate on my ship, only partners” gathers the “grass hat” group together, through twenty years.  The film’s battle scene was exposed with surprise, with >30 roles.  The seafaring expo smells smoke, and confrontation is imminent.

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