One of 500 needs you

Are you in for backing a very special game?

Right in time for the season of giving, we want to bring a gamedev project to your attention today that is very close to our hearts: The Kickstarter project ONE of 500 from our friends and future rcp family member Lightword Productions.

The nearly 2,000-year-old story that the team at Lightword is looking to retell is probably the most influential in the western world. Therefore, we at rcp believe that ONE of 500 has the potential to be a milestone for Videogames and elevates them even more as the cultural technique of the 21st century.

A message from the founder

‘In contrast to what many people expect when they hear of a religious game, we have a very different approach,’ says founder Amin Josua, Founder and CEO of Lightword. ‘ONE of 500 is a game in which players experience the biblical messages in their cultural context, enabling them to understand these texts adequately. But they do not need to ‘act biblically.’ They have the freedom to choose their position. There are realistic consequences, no black, and white. Together with a visual quality level never seen before in a religious game and excellent gameplay, this is exactly what we know many gamers are looking for.’


About Lightword Productions

Lightword Productions is an interdisciplinary studio of developers and humanities scholars creating the story-driven adventure ONE of 500, in which players explore the biblical story of Jesus interactively while being on their own challenging journey. The history of the main character is permeated by basic anthropological questions of life. It overlaps with biblical events (without influencing them), which offer contextually relevant perspectives to interpret the respective conflicts. The vision for this game has attracted various experienced game developers from Triple-A titles that are now part of the core team, including Creative Director Johannes Pfeifer (Tropico 6, Might & Magic: Heroes VII by Ubisoft) and Head of UI/UX Design Simon Seitz (Total War Series, World of Tanks). The project also benefits from a network of experts at universities in Heidelberg, Tübingen, and Jerusalem.


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About rcp – remote control productions

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